Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Heathers Googling

Sol Train and D-Day (furry booties!) just like old times, only better. Photo by Steven L. Price

Rocko Billy discusses the championship bout at his blog. Go give him some love in the comments section.

Chrissy loved the bout too. Go give her some love in the comments section.

If you're new to this blog, have a look at three favorite older posts and meet some very interesting Heathers:




Ginger Binger

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More Heather and Cadaver profiles in the hopper.


Kanna said...

just jonesing for a derby fix. . . next saturday is so far away right now. Anyone else going through withdrawls?

--BkRFly said...

I would be jonesin' too if it were not for getting a derby fix at Burningman last week - got to watch BarFly skate her ass off on a dusty dusty dusty track at 4000 feet elevation! She chickened out of jamming, but through her superior blocking (read: big ass(ets)), her team won! Much fun had by all!

Ringer said...

I am on break and LOVING it. I am glad to hear that our fans are jonesing for us though! We'll all be back soon but for now I am laying low, skating, biking & running on my own time not to mention a little vacation in there too - time off has been super amazing. Victory party is in the works, you'll be the first to know the deets!