Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Championship Ruminations

Photo via Kat Cole's Flickr stream

Kanna checks in:

The Heartless Heathers hit the track at the Championship bout focused and ready to kick some Bettie booty. There can be no excuses, no what ifs, no coulda shoulda wouldas, it was a resounding defeat of forty two points and it was beautiful! A few things come to mind that were quite memorable, and of course, these are in no particular order.

1. Having a seven point lead going into half time. Not a big lead but I believe a huge mental advantage. If not for the team, it sure was for some fans! I knew my halftime Bushmills went down easier with that halftime score.

2. The Heathers playing as a team. Communication and fantastic teamwork by the blockers and pivots. It helped slow down the Betties’ jammers frustrating them over and over again.

3. Sitting on the jam line and the view of the Ice Box. Especially when the Cadavers would go wild! The sea of Heather signs, Nurse Ratched leading the fracas with her bull horn and the chant “Heaaaaaaaaaaaathers Heaaaaaaathers” filling the giant hall. The HRMFs were going ape shit in their corner cheering the Heathers during the second half. I could see New Seasons Matt across from me yelling away. Mr. Barfly and Mr. D-Day with his cowbell. The visuals! The sounds!
Too freaking cool

4. Incredible jamming by each person who stepped up to the line. Especially Sump Pump who would consistently come up to the jam line and rack up the points. The Betties just could not put a body on Sump Pump to even slow her down!

5. One jam in the second half where Ringer was lead jammer and there were three Betties sitting in the box. Going insane knowing we had a freaking speed skater out there just doing what she does best and we had a four on two advantage on the track. I think that jam put the nail on coffin of the Betties undefeated season.

6. Scratcher going down right in front of me. What a warrior! WhaBam she goes down hard, pounded even harder into the ground with Ava Sk8trix on her back yet she composes herself to skate off the track. She’s my new hero. Seriously

7. I swore off champagne the morning after my high school graduation back in 1859. I have pretended to sip champagne at so many weddings, graduations and other celebratory events since that time; however this night, the Heartless Heathers just took the 2008 championship trophy. Decisively to boot. So, at the Kenton Club, this drunk happy gal drank herself some champagne!

Thank you Heathers for all your hard work and dedication this season. Ringer and Slaybia, great job coaching! To each and every one of you Heartless Heathers and your entire support crew, bravo! I am so happy and proud to be a Cadaver.


Ringer said...

And may I just add a HUGE thank you to you Kanna and George for being some of the if not THE MOST AMAZING fans the Heathers could have.

Your loyal dedication to the team, attending all our bouts and scrimmages wether at the expo or at the hanger, attending our parties, we always enjoy hanging out with you there, AND your volunteerism goes without saying! Helping with the floor, with RCR merch, etc., whatever we need, you two are both there in a moments notice! This weekend you both helped with the floor thursday, friday and Saturday and are always instrumental in all your efforts.

I always look forward to seeing you on that jammer line! Thank you for choosing us, and supporting us we couldn't do what we do without our fans!


Noz said...

What she said. Double.