Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Mighty Fortress is Our Noz

Photo: Seen at the Mash Tun brewpub, August 2007

We asked Coach Noz for his perspectives on Saturday's championship bout. He kindly obliged us with these words:

"Heathers are pumped!!!

I know it's been said, but fans really can't fathom the amount of time that goes into training. They have their eye on the prize, and on the rest that comes after it all. With last year's screwy bout schedule, and this year starting off in January, the ladies have been full tilt for over 18 months with nary a break. But they want it so bad, they aren't holding back. Its really impressive.

What has changed from the last bout is determination, drive, and a stronger base of fundamentals. We study the bout videos, look at what worked and didn't amongst all the teams then tailor practice and scrimmages to those skills. We've added in lots of new drills to specifically work on HH weaknesses, but its quickly becoming hard to find any.

There was a great emphasis from Ringer and Slay this year to bring up each player. "No Heather Left Behind" was what is was called (after a few too many Yorgo's pour cocktails). The difference now between those being benched for the upcoming bout and those starting is so slight, it's silly. There is no one on the team that can't turn in a performance as good as any of their teammates. Win or lose, the Heathers succeeded in their vision for the 2008 team.

Having been a long standing Cadaver, and a vocal proponent of the Ice Box's distinguishing auditory features, I expect nothing less than deafening volume from each and every cold, blue hearted fan.


And come on down to the floor at the end of the bout. Congratulate the victors or console the defeated. They don't bite... hard.


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