Friday, August 1, 2008

Sol Train Drives the Big Skate into the Drink Tomorrow

Here's what to do right now: send a text message reading "team 29" to 72855. By doing so, you will be casting a vote for the The Funky 4 Plus 1 More's magnificent Flugtag craft.

You're probably aware that a strange thing is happening down at the Willamette River waterfront tomorrow, wherein various teams are piloting crafts they have constructed off of a 30-foot high deck.

And you're probably also aware that the team to cheer on is The Funky 4 Plus 1 More, since their team includes TeqKillYa, Sol Train, and No Namey from the Heartless Heathers, Rectifier formerly of the High Rollers, and Kevlar Reinforcement who is his own man. They will be flying around 2 p.m., so go give a yell.

Fire Crotch was kind enough to point us to Kevlar's photo gallery of the construction of the flying skate, which Sol Train will ride to glory tomorrow.

See? Pretty cool. Good lookin' people too, huh?

Godspeed, Big Skate.

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Noz said...

Text and text often!!!!! Texts are cumulative, I'm up to 60 so far!