Monday, August 25, 2008

The Docket

Here's the doin's:

Saturday, Sept. 6 - RCR's Wheels of Justice vs. Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls All-Stars, the Hangar at Oaks Park, doors open at 5:30, bout at 6:00. Go see Fire Crotch, Goodie, Vominatrix, Sol Train (Scratcher is still injured, sad to say), and the other Wheels take on Seattle in this one-of-a-kind WFTDA-sanctioned bout in the intimate setting of the hangar.

Ticket info is a bit different this time around - only 400 $25 tickets are available, and only 200 are in the hands of the Rose City Rollers.

Time is tight for these two, who are practicing during every free minute, so you might try the method suggested by RCR's MySpace mistress:

"Okay, here's what you need to do since we're doing things a little differently for this bout....

Get in touch w/ your derby girl buddies, tell them how many tickets you want, and then give them the ticket money up front ($25/ea). They will take your cash to the appropriate person(s) holding tickets for this bout and get them for you. Tickets are VERY LIMITED for this bout, so get yours fast!

p.s. This bout is also a fund raiser for both all-star teams (Portland and Seattle) to get to Western Regionals in Houston, TX. Thanks for your support!

Fire Crotch would like to further emphasize:

"We will likely NOT have will-call nor sales at the door, so I'd like to (as tactfully as possible) keep people from showing up without a ticket thinking thatthey can get in. I'm also trying to make sure that every single person who gets a ticket knows not to go to the Expo Center, just in case people don't read on the ticket that the bout is at the hangar at Oaks Park!

Got it? Good!

Saturday, Sept. 20 - RCR's Wheels of Justice vs. Phoenix's Tent City Terrors, and RCR's Axles of Annihilation against Sacramento's Sacred City Roller Girls. We're back at the Expo Center for this double-header. Look for Mobi-Wan Kenobi, Ginger Binger, Titania, and Viagrrra Falls on the Axles.

Get your ass some tickets here.


George said...

I already got my ticket to the Rat City bout, baby! (thank you Ringer and Firecrotch) I can't freakin' wait! Rat City on the 6th, Tent City on the 20th, and then I'm going to Houston October 2nd through October 6th to watch our girls in the Western Regionals! All derby all the time!!!

The Coroner said...

I had hoped to go myself, George, but I find that I am already obliged to go to yet another fucking wedding that day.

No, really, these people are very nice, in fact I was even required to draw a robot on the RSVP.

But I will miss seeing another fine event at the hangar. Have a good time, y'all.

Vominatrix said...

If people need tickets they should post here and hopefully we can get some to them.

D-Day said...

Rat city is bringing down their jr derby team, the Brats, they will be playing with RCR's jr team, the Rosebuds. Its for the halftime show, come see the Rosebuds grand debut!

Robin said...

A bout at Oaks Park Hangar sounds like a good time. I do really think that we Season Pass holders ought to be able to get in at the door. I know -- the coroner has explained some of the difficulties involved. But those passes make us BIG FANS. We invested early and up front. Oh well. I'll look forward to the bout in a couple of weeks.