Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Identify Yourself

Photo by Jules Doyle

Clicking on the image above will take you to a larger view of the photo. I can identify a few cadavers: sitting on the floor at the far left of the shot is Greg with the red lei, then Wendy in the yellow top, me with the water bottle and that permanent dumbass look on my face, Andrew behind me looking pensive, Aitch in the Heathers shirt, laughing, Max behind Aitch's left elbow in the white lei, Alex in the horizontal center of the frame, smiling and applauding. Then there's Chrissy up there in the bleachers on the left side of the pic, in a black shirt, applauding with her hands above her head. Robin and Natalie may have gone for beers or merch at this point, and Nick may have as well, but maybe I'm just not seeing him.

Can you identify anybody in this photo? Yourself?


--BkRFly said...

You wouldn't believe all of the effort I've been putting in to trying to make some lame ass joke about the many folks that count themselves as Cadavers and how wide angle the lens would have to be to get them into one picture... all to try to explain the I must be just outside of frame on the right... and depending on the timing, I'd either be in my Latus HD Heathers shirt or, if the picture was taken in the second half (a uniform change, if you will), I'd be in my beloved HEATHERS POR VIDA shirt.

the_mad_nader said...

BkRfly, to fit a man of your magnitude in the frame they'd need a wide angle lens, even if focused directly on you!!!

And were they to do that one might just see myself, the Ganymede to your Jupiter, screaming my lungs out in an old skool custom Heathers shirt that really is "That Bad".

I do see some others in the pic that I recognize, but discretion requires I let them identify themselves (I'm talking about you, Superfan in the blue wig)

Miss Conduct PDX said...

I think my own Mister is running around somewhere in that photo.

Problem with him is that he doesn't hold still very long!

Miss Conduct PDX said...

Oh, Mad Nader, I just wanted to point out that I went back to 1st season attire as well for the Championships. I'd worn the WMC outfit with the boots for almost 2 seasons and the Betties kept winning.

Thought I'd roll out some first season mojo. I was VERY superstitious that day--just ask Noz. I was kind of freaked out that I couldn't find the right clipboard.


JP said...

Aw, Mr. Coroner that's not a "dumbass" look on your face. It looks more like they caught you singing, maybe something from Bernstein and Sondheim...

"I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn't me tonight."

Miss Conduct PDX said...

I do believe that I recognize Ma and Pop Killer in the front row of the bleachers. Pop Killer is whistling and Ma Killer is holding one of George's signs over her head and screaming.

Ms. Rhoda Killer could verify.


Ringer said...

That's my mom in the upper right hand corner holding up a sign saying "Go Ringer" I am sure!

And yes Mad Nader I too see "Superfan" and "I'm with Superfan" and friends there but I'll let them identify themselves less they wish to remain incognito! Also WMC I see Mr Killer there on the right above Ma & Pop Killer - I do LOVE Ma & Pop Killer!

Mercgirl said...

I see Mr Big, Aka Mr MercGirl in the front row of the bleacher on the left. His bald head is hard to miss. My dear friend and constant derby companion Kristina is just toward the center from him and I am strangely missing between them.

Kanna said...

I got to see that lovely view all bout long! Sitting on the jam line it was awesome to look across to the ice box and see loud fanatical freaks waving signs and cheering the Heartless Heathers on to victory!

btw, i use the term freak in a good way not a bad freaky kinda way :)

superfan said...

Indeed, the superfan appears in the photo - top left, with the blue hair and bell. To my right is the bride of superfan, proudly displaying the Heather's 08 sign. To my left is a friend - this is his first season but he has a good eye for the game, and of course loves the Heathers.