Monday, August 11, 2008

Collective Debriefing (Installment One)

Photo: Aitch gives some Betties the Ice Box treatment on bout day.

Just Out and "The Möndäy Rëpört" (paragraph four is where the action starts) offer differing perspectives on the Heathers' defeat of the Betties. MORE: GinGer Kat has some photos up. Skippy Steve seems on the verge of doing some uploading.

UPDATE: Elwood has his jam-by-jam recap up.

Meanwhile and foremost, Cadavers are continuing to report back:

It was a very exciting bout, which, when you think about it, is amazing considering the 42 point spread. The Heathers shut those Betties down!

I admire all of the skaters -- but I love to watch Sump Pump. It's the way she just glides on through the pack even when it's super scrappy in there.

My favorite moment of the bout was when the Heathers broke 100. I thought "ohmigod they're really going to win this thing!!"

That was a great night! I really wanted the Heathers to win the championship, and they delivered! Sump Pump was really impressive jam after jam. Viagrrra and Vominatrix kicked some Bettie ass and raked in some major points, too. Of course I always love to see Sol Train out there, and she didn't disappoint me (as if she ever could). Ringer was the fastest skater in the building! All of the Heathers looked to be in top form, and I definitely saw their "A" game that night. I like the fact that they pulled ahead early and went into the half being up by seven points. That really lowered my stress level during halftime. I saw some great derby that night, and I couldn't be happier that they're the 2008 Season Champions! Thank you Heathers!!!

George offers his view from the jamline:

The Heathers had an outstanding bout, and showcased why they are the best damn team in the league.

The Betties didn't get to the championship bout by accident. I'm not a fan of the Betties, but I have to admit they have worked their joyless mojo with some success this year. It was sooo satisfying to seem them taken apart and schooled.

The Heathers outplayed them as a team. The Betties usual discipline was broken early on, and the Heathers controlled the front, the middle, and the back of the

Time after time blood thirsty Betties engaged 20ft in front of the pack. And lo, the scales were lifted from the eyes of the refs and the Betties finally got called on their crap. Megahurtz, is usually a vicious attack dog in the back of the pack, but Heather's blockers had her locked down. Likewise the Betties' jammers were shut down by great defense. The Heathers just looked good all around.

The Heathers offense was in great form too. Goodie was focused and put on a clinic for the Betties. Vominatrix showed off some dazzling moves, and racked up a bevy of points. I'm the guy in stands with the bell. Did you hear me ring that sucker like crazy as Ringer was sticking it to the Betties? Her speed put up 14 unanswered points in a penalty situation.

So many great moments. Slaybia assisting Vominatrix around turn #2 past three Betties. D-day and Firecrotch owning any part of the track they wanted. Rhoda Killa with some punishing hits. Viagra, Mobiwan, X2Z, Titania, were all solid. Every Heather looked great - I can't wait for the highlights video.

It was a good night to be a Heathers fan, congratulations Heathers!


the_mad_nader said...

I'm still processing, riding high, and basking in the glory of this phenomenal Heathers win, so it'll still be a little while before I'm able to really express all my thoughts.

But one thing that I've gotta say right now: the Heathers bench and support staff deserve a lot of credit and love from all of us.

While all the skaters were out there busting their asses, the sidelines were kept organized and in control by Tara Heartout, No Namey, Sykotica, Ginger Binger, She Rex, Willful Misconduct, Barfly, and Coach Noz.

Penalties were tracked, opposing skaters were being scouted on the fly, lineups were being modified and adjusted, spirits were being lifted, and everyone was working for one common goal. I believe that each one of these people played a part in the victory, whether or not they were wearing skates, if for no other reason than by just being there for their teammates.

To me, as a fan of the sport of derby, THAT is what really makes the Heathers so freaking special. Teammates and comrades supporting each other and putting the collective good above individual glory or accomplishment. Absolutely beautiful!

Miss Conduct PDX said...

I've got to stop reading this stuff at work! I keep bursting into tears.

I love this team, I love our fans, and I love that I am a part of it.

There I go, reaching for the tissue box again. Maybe I need a cocktail. With some Cadavers. Then we could weep together.


kanna said...

Its been three days and I'm still flying pretty darn high!

I must agree with the Mad Nader - it was the entire team and support crew that worked toward that championship trophy.

You are all so awesome. Thanks for including me in the Cadaver family!!! I LOVE THE HEATHERS!!!

Ringer said...

I still keep smiling, still wake up in the morning and stick my #1 finger up in the air. Also keep reflecting on the year, it's been a great year! Our team grew and grew and grew as the year went on, our bench got deeper and deeper, we brought up more and more jammers and it shows!

8 jammers the first 1/2, 7 jammers the second 1/2. All having their moments, all sharing in the point scoring... And our blockers, shit! Fantastic job!

As a captain, nothings better to look up and see everyone executing all the things we worked so hard on. And next year - LOOK OUT! We've only just begun!