Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Very Nice Photo of the 2008 Champions

photo by Axle Adams


Ringer said...

That's Ginger behind Viagrrra's elbow btw. And I'd just like to thank MObi-Wan for closing her eyes too, at least I'm not the only one. Disappointed in Fire Crotch though, I can usually count on her to close her eyes with me in photos.

CHAMPIONS!!! It' been a very good year!
What a team!

kanna said...

Thanks Ringer - I was wondering who that was.

This is a great shot. Love the look on Vom's face and Scratcher's pose.

Of course, the two gals with their eyes shut look great too! :)

Mercgirl said...

You were all so amazingly beautiful at the end of it all that night. You were all radiating happiness. The look on the faces of Goodie and Vominatrix nearly brought me to tears, such sheer joy and wonder.

I love each and everyone of them even more it that is even possible.