Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Docket (Championship Week)

Photo of the magnificent TeqKillYa by Chris Barnes

Here's the doin's:

Tues, Aug 5: RCR Victory Lap: Chris Barnes, Steve Price & Douglas Remington photos

Photographs of The Rose City Rollers, by Douglas Remington, Steve Price and Chris Barnes, as well as memorabilia from teams will be on display in the main gallery. Come revel in the glory of victory and the agony of defeat as seen through the eyes of three amazing photographers.

Opening reception 6-8 p.m. Tue, Aug. 5; Aug. 5-27, at Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center: 527 E. Main St., Hillsboro (503-615-3485).

Many press articles linked below in the blog. Selah.
Wed, Aug 6,

Cheap Ticket Night for Saturday's championship bout. $14 tickets at the following alcohol-serving locations from 7-9 PM:

Rogue Brew Pub
1339 NW Flanders

118 NE 28th

Nightlight Lounge
2100 SE Clinton

Kay's Bar
6903 SE Milwaukie

For once, they're holding this before my bedtime. I'll be able to buy cheap tickets and make it to my liver massage appointment. No really, I already bought all my cheap tickets, so all the more for you. Have a pint at the pub, pet.
Something else. Oh yes.

Saturday August 9, the
Rose City Rollers Championship Bout. The High Rollers (HRMF!) vs. the Guns & Rollers for third place, and the Breakneck Betties vs. the Heartless Heathers for the RCR Championship.

I done heard about that. Toot them train-whistles and ring them bells.


Noz said...

AND!!!!! Wednesday night, at the cheap ticket locations, if you buy three you get one free!!! 4 tickets for $42!!! That's almost "good ole days" prices.

Ringer said...

FYI - Wednesday Dday and Ringer will be at Oaks park skating rink from 7-9. You'll find a good chunk of Heathers at Rogue (our lovely sponsor), you can also find Heathers at NightLite like Fire Crotch and Apocalipstick for example, and I know at least one Heather will be at Beuhlahland. You may also spot Vominatrix and Scratcher (among others) cruising the Alberta Neighborhood. We'll be hitting the city, so come on out, mix and mingle and buy some cheap tickets!

--BkRFly said...

Last night BarFly and I went to the opening reception of "RCR Victory Lap: Chris Barnes, Steve Price & Douglas Remington photos" - wow. Go on a Tuesday night and take advantage of the farmer's market too. But you should all try to get out there... all the way out there. The Western termination of the Max line is like four blocks away! Funny quote from Rocko Billy last night at the event, "Wow. I have never been past the tunnel!" Oh, and HPV!!! HH'08!!!