Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Heathers Googling

Titania, The Mad Nader, and Dennis Culver have a comic book coming out from Oni in January TRUE TALES OF THE ROLLER DERBY: DOPPELGANGER AT THE HANGAR in which "Goodie Two-Skates is missing! And who are these new skaters–the freakishly perfect freshies that have suddenly shown up? The Wheels of Justice have to find Goodie and get to the bottom of this mystery before Nationals, or the Icy Blonde will succeed in corrupting the team forever!" This as a warm-up to the larger, graphic novel-sized project Nader and Titania are putting together for 2009. More on that soon.

Meanwhile, everybody's looking really good in the Flat Track Revolution shirts they bought at nationals, featuring the Che-like visage of Goodie Two Skates on a fine garment produced by your own Izabell Ringer and Slaybia Majora. We look forward to wearing more of their fine designs in the near future. Stay tuned!

Rocko Billy has a nice post at his blog about the recently completed national women's flat-track derby tournament. He has some good photo links as well as an embedded, extended series of nationals interviews from Moose at Derby News Network.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Roller Derby is NOT a Sport...

That was the bulletin headline I read on myspace yesterday, which required that I click in and read.

The post read as follows:
----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Oly Rollers
Date: Nov 18, 2008 11:54 AM

according to the Oregonian that is.

Apparently a friend called the paper to ask why the WFTDA Nationals were not covered and she was told "because roller derby is not a sport."

How insulting to every skater, fan, volunteer out there.

PLEASE call and/or email the Oregonian and voice your displeasure and maybe even challenge the douche bags to a bout:


I put in a call this morning to the sports editor to get answers for myself. No word yet...

Please repost this and spread the word.

Now rarely do I trust a story that includes "a friend" in the set up but given my personal loathing of the Oregonian I bought in and launched my email to the editor.

This morning the response to my email salvo arrived.


> -----Original Message-----

> From: Sports MailBox []

> Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 10:18 AM

> Subject: Roller derby


> Roller derby players, supporters and enthusiasts,


> Thank you for your concern regarding The Oregonian's coverage of roller

> derby. In what appears to have been a misunderstanding, here is a

> statement from our Sports Editor, Mark Hester:


> "What I said is that 'roller derby is not a sport The Oregonian covers.'

> There are a lot of sports we don't cover. We cover those with the most

> interest with the most emphasis - by far - on football, basketball,

> baseball, soccer, track and cycling. The last three don't receive much

> coverage in most newspapers, but we cover them because interest in Oregon

> is much higher than in most parts of the U.S."


> - Mark Hester, Sports Editor


> Sincerely,

> Marshall Mills

> Sports Editorial Assistant

> The Oregonian

> p: 503-221-8161

> f: 503-221-8168

> e:


So now we know...

Our lack of interest is why the sport section is not covering Roller Derby. It's
our fault. Of course my thought is maybe they don't know how many people DO have interest in the sport.

So, I leave it to you, Heartless ones...Let the Oregonian know there are Oregonians that love this sport and would like a simple mention, especially when the local league is hosting a MAJOR event like Nationals.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gotham takes the title

- The Coroner

Championship Day

A rematch of the Eastern Regionals final, with New York and Chicago chasing the national crown, and Philly vs. Texas for the thirds place spot.

See y'all there after some biscuits and gravy at Podnah's.

- The Coroner.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

how does this keep happening

how does this keep happening to me? I have 3 sexist derby virgins sittin behind me making inappropriate comments. I may have to educate

- MercGirl

some of PDX's finest. Love them

- MercGirl

that was the craziest ending

that was the craziest ending to a bout ever.

- MercGirl

WTF! I cannot beleive thid

WTF! I cannot beleive thid

- MercGirl

my goodness Rice Rocket can

my goodness Rice Rocket can skate!

- MercGirl

Ringer with South City Shiner from St. Louis

- The Coroner

Now we are in the

Now we are in the bleachers with WCR fans behin and Texas parents in front. The Chicago fans are something else. Intense.

- MercGirl

I am surrounded by BAD

I am surrounded by BAD Girl fans. They are within 20 points now and these guys are going nuts!

- MercGirl

trying to understand this official's outfit

- MercGirl

Another first-round blow-out?

Kinda looks that way with Chicago currently leading Seattle by nearly 60 points.

- The Coroner

the native grow restless. the

the native grow restless. the refs are obviously vision inpared and possibly brain damanged.

- MercGirl

Hanner sittting on the foul line

- MercGirl

Lumber Jill

- MercGirl

Oh, substance

via DNN:

Nationals quarterfinals continue at 1pm Pacific time Saturday with (2e) Windy City vs. (3w) Rat City

WFTDA Nationals Friday: (1w) Texas Defeats (4e) Carolina in opening-round bout, 125-61 -- Texas advances to semifinals

WFTDA Nationals Friday: (1e) Gotham Dominates (4w) Duke City, 182-25 -- Gotham advances to semifinals

Aitch can't quit talking about the moment Miss E Vil put Beyonslay to the floor.

The dead-looking Coroner and the very-much-alive JeLLtPiG

- The Coroner

Intensive Scare and Sol Train @ Nats

- The Coroner

Friday, November 14, 2008


- MercGirl

3 derby virgins behind me

3 derby virgins behind me must be from NYC and keep dis'ing Miss E. I may have to educate them.

- MercGirl

Heathers sighting. Goodie standing behind

Heathers sighting. Goodie standing behind the Duke Cith team area drinking tea out of a real tea cup with saucer.

- MercGirl

there are three guys behind

there are three guys behind me that I really do not understand. they came in really late. at least 2 of the 3 seem to not get derby.

- MercGirl

I have a growing appreciation

I have a growing appreciation for our anouncers. Rocco looks like Dan Rather compared to one of these guys. Was that too bitchy?

- MercGirl

Sump Pump is funny and smart

- The Coroner

Megahurtz and Rhea from BNB at Nats

- The Coroner

Noz at Nats

- The Coroner

Scott, who loves them High Rollers

- The Coroner

Mobi-Wan-Kanobi @ Nats

- The Coroner

Scratcher, Aitch, Ringer at Nats

- The Coroner

so I took this great

so I took this great picture of Kanna and didn't save it. I have quite a good grip on the technologies. Bout 1 is starting.

- MercGirl

Last regiment again

- MercGirl

last regiment

- MercGirl

Oh, hey, Nationals start today

DNN has this preview of the first round bouts, plus a pic of one a lot of us want to see in action, Beyonslay:

Take loads of pictures and blog like mofos. I'll see if I can't get this mobile blogger thing workin'.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Heathers Googling

Sunday before the Northwest Knockdown, aka WFTDA Nationals - hope to see all of you there:

A now-iconic photo of Izabell Ringer makes Jezebel illustrating, of all things, a blurb on New Jersey derby:

Several Heathers tagged in Championship Party Photos at Viagrrra Falls' MySpace outpost. Apparently there's a larger cache of these snappies behind lock and key somewhere:

Fun party. Got to see everybody and even talk to a few people. Yes, Aitch drove us home.