Thursday, August 7, 2008

Abra Cadaver - The Zeal of Them Fans

The other day, we asked a few Cadavers if they had any words of advice or encouragement for the Heartless Heathers as that team prepares to face the Breakneck Betties in the big ol' 2008 RCR champsionship.

From those who have responded thus far:

Kurt says:


Aitch says:

"An Exhortation to the Heartless Heathers:

The Betties can be defeated in 2 easy steps!

1. Remember how the Betties consistently win. The Betties jammer sprints ahead first and the rest of the Betties attack the trailing jammer, just like a murder of crows attacking a helpless trash bag. The rest of all youse is up ahead saying what the fu? Do NOT let this happen!

2. If a certain Bettie troubles you, write her name on a piece of paper and put it in the freezer. Get your friends and family to do the same. This works like a charm."

JeLLyPiG says:

"Aw, hell you knew I'd have to chime in. Besides I'm stuck in Salt Lake City and have to "join" a club just to get a decent here are my sober thoughts.

I have already rambled at length on what I think it takes to win this bout against the BB'eez and the Heathers already know what they need to do but the top priority needs to be teamwork.I have this great dvd of Joanie Weston bustin Bill Hill's balls because he coaches "players" and she coaches a Roller Derby "Team" and her record and hall of fame status proves she is right.(Yes my derby sickness now has me amassing a collection of old bout dvds) The more I think about this bout the more I think, whether it's a slow brutal grind,or the speed game the better TEAM is going to win, beating them will require the same thing it requires to beat the Heathers,top notch, focused, teamwork. If the Heathers hit the rink with one collective plan and execute as one collective team...they can't be beaten, they have already proven that fact time and time again. I would amend my earlier advise to : Skate smart, skate tough, skate as a team and leave a wake of red in your trail!

See you there...


UPDATE: Friday Night

Tamz Check in:

"Skate hard, bitches, and kick some Betty Booty while you're at it!!"

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