Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goodie Two Skates moves on...

It is with great sadness that I report that Goodie Two Skates has announced her retirement from RCR. Bringing about a third blow this month to seasoned Heathers fans, Goodie has accepted a job in Seattle and will be moving there (and the derby rumor on the street is that she'll be playing for Rat City, so she won't be totally gone from the world of derby). Oh, what words can I say about all of this? So many memories! Goodie was one of the personalities that originally drew me to roller derby. Her love of the sport, and her efforts to teach others about it, has always added to her list of attributes that defines her as a great resource for RCR. Good luck to you in Seattle, Goodie. You will be sorely missed.

Heathers Por Vida

Thursday, September 16, 2010

People come and go. And forget to close the door, And leave their stains and cigarette butts trampled on the floor...

This here article implies that Ringer is gone from the Heathers for good, on to coaching Sick Town to get her derby ya-yas out. We salute her and revere her. Thanks for the great years, the speed, the championships, the leadership, the innovative tactics and strategies, the 35-point jams, the blood and guts.

On the flipside, via Facebook, we learn that TeqKillYa skates again. We're not sure if she's Fresh Meat yet, but we're told that there are drafts in October and December. If Boethius' Fortuna smiles upon us, TeqKillYa may again one day be a Heather.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Scratcher retires from the Heathers

Via Facebook, we have learned that Scratcher in the Eye retired from the Heartless Heathers last night, bringing to a close an amazing career. Given her performance last year, it's impossible to pretend that her exit won't be somewhat of a blow to the Heathers' 2011 prospects (though knowing our Heathers, their No Heather Left Behind tradition, and their depth of talent, we're not getting all super-pouty just yet).

Fortunately for us all, Scratch will be continuing with the Wheels of Justice.

We had the pleasure of interviewing this formidable athlete a couple years back, and are enjoying revisiting that discussion and remembering her time as a Heartless Heather.

Thanks for the memories, Scratcher!

In far less earth-shattering retirement news, The Coroner has come out of retirement and is delighted to be sharing space with George and JeLLyPiG.