Friday, August 8, 2008

Hasta Mañana

photo by Chris Barnes

Cadaver prefunctions abound around town tomorrow. The Vernon Neighborhood and Auxiliary Contingent of Cadavers will probably be carb-loading and imbibing (safe amounts, mais bien sur), at Pause Kitchen and Bar (Hey look! I found the review of Pause right here! Damn straight about those sliders, fella).

Of course we used to go to Fire on the Mountain, for our derby pre-funks until it became too overrun by (you guessed it) other Cadavers for us to have a good sit-down.

Some will doubtless continue the honored tradition of quaffing some pints at The Worlds Famous Kenton Club before heading on up to Expo, for the big bout.

How about you? Where are you pre-funking?

Kenton Club (2025 N Kilpatrick, very close to Expo) will also be hosting a post-funk of sorts this time around, as that esteemed Heathers sponsor toasts the ladies after the big event (and after a little lag for floor tear-down at Expo) with champagne in celebration of the team's third straight championship bout. Though cadavers will have to buy their own beverages, they are invited by the Heathers to join in the revelry before heading off after-party at Plan B (1305 SE 8th), where admission will free with proof of bout admission.

It's going to be a great derby day.

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