Monday, December 28, 2009

'09 Readers Poll Results

Again, I want to thank everyone that took the time to submit their choices in the Coroner's Inquest 09 Readers Poll. I appreciated your comments along with your votes. Especially those that acknowledged that, though we root for different teams during the Intra League season, we are a small community of dedicated Skaters, Volunteers and Fans that share a passion for this sport. It felt good to know that whoever your team is, you realize that this blog is not just a single team hype machine. I like to think my contribution is Roller Derby first with a Rose City focus, from a Heartless point of view.

As in any vote in America, this was not without its "Hanging Chads". In this case there were some single name emails and tricksters that tried to sneak in a second choice with a forward slash. I logged 19 complete votes (and the first name you selected got the slot)

The number one comment was how hard a task it was to vote for "just one". I couldn't agree more, and as I logged your votes I had flashbacks of some brilliant plays when seeing the players names. Hell, I even questioned my own votes as a result of reading yours. Really, that's the point. This was not just about crowning a few players "best in show", but more importantly acknowledging all the players on the list that captured the imagination of those that took the time to vote.
Here is how it shook out (listed in no particular order):

Breakneak Betties: Blocker
L33t Speaking Missile
MaRollin' Monroe
Scrappy Go Lucky

Scrappy Go Lucky won with a little more than a third of the vote. MaRollin' rolled in at a close second.

Breakneck Betties: Jammer
Rhea DeRange

Rhea DeRange barely beat out Licker*n*Split with almost half the votes.

GnR: Blocker
Napalm Beth
A Wrench
Smack Ya Sideways
Hard Knox
Rocket Mean

Smacks edged out Napalm with a third of the votes to win.

GnR: Jammer
Blood Clottia
Mercyful Kate
Aurora Brutalis

Blood Clottia was a clear winner with over 2/3rd of the votes and the most votes any one skater received in the whole poll.

High Rollers: Blocker
Mercyful Kate
Bust'her Spine
Hurricane Skatrina
Intensive Scare
JK Rolling
Layla Smackdown
Minstrel Psycho

Layla and Skatrina tie it up! As you can imagine from the lengthy list, the vote was widely dispersed and this is the only race with no clear winner. It might actually be a statement about the HRMF's diverse talent pool.

High Rollers: Jammer
Bunny Lepowski
Sully Skullkicker
White Flight
Wreck Deckard

White Flight took this one, but the much loved Bunny Lepowki was a close second in the polling.

Heartless Heathers: Blocker
Sol Train
Izabell Ringer
Mick U Cry

Sol Train edged out Mick by one vote to take honors here. I guess you could say "The Bottoms Topped the List"

Heartless Heathers: Jammer
Scratcher in the Eye
Izabell Ringer
Sump Pump
Sol Train

Scratcher clearly had the hearts & minds with Ringer coming in second in this group.

RCR Overall: Blocker
Sol Train
Izabell Ringer
Hurricane Skatrina
Smack Ya Sideways
Mick U Cry
Napalm Beth
Mega Hurtz
Marollin' Monroe

Sol Train's six, the same points she had in the Team Category, gave her the win here. Hurricane Skatrina was actually a close number two on this list.

RCR Overall: Jammer
Izabell Ringer
Rhea DeRange
Blood Clottia
Sol Train
White Flight
Wreck Deckard
Scratcher In the Eye

Rhea DeRange takes it with almost a third of the votes, followed by Blood and Whitey.

So there are the results for '09. I can only imagine how this list will change and grow in '10. We'll see you January 16th for the Season 5 opener at the Expo Center. Until then, Stay Frosty Cadaver or not.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


As we've seen, the Heathers already have a full, quite impressive roster, so they didn't nab anybody in last night's draft.

Other teams did, though.

The Betties pulled DeeDeeMonic, Mad Splatter, and Push La Tush.

The newest High Rollers are Skool Girl Crusher and Texine.

And the Guns 'n' Rollers took Harriet The Sly, Micro Bruiser, and, wait for it, Cadillac.

I know, huh. Somewhat reminiscent of Blood Clottia's league-rebalancing move of a few years back.

Anyway, congratulations to all, and thanks to Skatiekat and RCRBetties for all the newsy Tweets. And kudos to the Betties' tweeter (Scrappy?) for use of the Oxford comma.

George and the Mad Splatter (No Longer Fresh Meat!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No More Callers Please...We Have a Winner

First and foremost, Thank YOU to everyone that took the time to enter our little RCR Year End poll. I had hoped the allure of possibly winning something would have brought out a bigger crowd, but on the plus side the shy turn out meant better odds in the drawing for the Blood on The Flat Track Dvd. The poll results will have to wait until next week, but just in time for Xmas we've pulled a winner.

Each email was assigned a number, numbered tickets were mixed in my Jammer tuque and the winning ticket pulled by the non biased hands of Mrs. PiG.

Our Reader Poll Winner is...

F- Bomb

"We'll send our Xmas courier right out with your prize"

For those of you that didn't win and are in the need of a derby fix to get through the Holiday...there's an app for that.

Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Axles of Annihilation

Quite the day for RCR announcements. Your 2010 Axles of Annihilation, via AOA's Facebook fan page:

The new roster was decided on 12/20/09. Congrats, ladies!

Domesticated Violence
Fire Crotch
French Tickler
Goodie Two Skates
Heidi Go Seek
Honey hellfire
Minstrel Psycho
Monacle Debacle
Shove me Tender
Soulferic Acid
Viagrrra Falls

Another helluva team.

2010 Wheels of Justice Roster

Via RCR All-Stars on Facebook, the just-announced roster:

Axl Blows
Blood Clottia
Chest-nutZ *
Hurricane Skatrina
J.K. Rolling
Layla Smackdown
Licker ‘n’ Split
Mercyful Kate *
Mick U Cry
Mel Mangles *
Napalm Beth *
Rhea Derange
Scrappy Go Lucky *
Scratcher in the Eye
Smack Ya Sideways *
Sully Skullkicker
White Flight
Wreck Deckard *

No longer with us:

Angry Wrench (retired/injured)
Madame Bumps A Lot (retired from WoJ)
Megahurtz (retired)
Leet Speaking Missile (retired from WoJ)
Sol Train (retired from WoJ)

Well, all right, then. Congratulations to them.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 Heartless Heathers

This is the list as it now stands:

Butcher Block
D Day
Fire Crotch
F Bomb
French Tickler
Goodie Two Skates
hArm Candy
Knotty La Rue
Monacle Debacle
Mobi Wan Kenobi
Mick U Cry
Ruby Bruiseday
She Rex
Sol Train
Scratcher in the Eye
Skintastic Dynomite
Viagrrra Falls

I look at that list and cannot suppress the "wow." That is a roster of immensely impressive skaters.

2010 will likely be a great year for Heathers and Cadavers. Those season tickets you want for Christmas can be found here.

Photo by Sharkey.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's all about the Derby Love this Holiday Season...

Here's a chance to show some derby love. I ended up with a spare sealed copy of the Blood on the Flat Track DVD. This is the Canadian version, released in the Great White North in October...the States won't see this in the store for a couple more months. The idea is a simple one, a popularity contest of sorts or for those of you willing to be honest, a chance to show some respect to the players you love and for you a chance to win a copy of this "RiZe of the RaTz" DvD.

Via email, submit your favourite Pack Monster and Jammer from each RCR team, along with an overall favourite from the league for each category. I will compile the list, tally the votes and we'll all see who has the love. For the players, it's some much deserved props. For you the voter, if you follow the rules...a chance to possibly be the second RCR fan to own the DVD. The voting is open to anyone (Fans, Skaters, Volunteers, Beer Mavens and the like), but only one entry per person please.





All submissions must be received by December 21st. Please DO NOT post choices in the comments section but feel free to talk shit about the track barriers.The drawing will be conducted by a Third party Civilian and the winners "name" will be published here. Once the drawing is completed and the drawing winner has been notified, all email addresses will be erased. PiG Inc Associates are eligible to vote but are ineligible for the drawing.

(Skrew DNN! We got a PRiZe!)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PiG BiTs & A-o-Eh?

We all knew it was only a matter of time before I chirped off and blogged some crap. Don't believe the rumors that I have been sitting in the corner crying after watching my chosen WCR fall apart at Nationals. I actually needed at least two of my four remaining brain cells to sober up enough to say something other than "Another round please...".

Yes, being at Nationals was a blast and I would like to thank all the Rose City Irregulars for letting me tag along during the event. It was a learning experience and just plain fun to watch derby with some of my favorite derby people. Since WFTDA has announced the 2010 tournament schedule, I would encourage anyone that loves the sport to make plans to be in the lovely WIndy City next November.

Blogging about the F@#k off long line on day one, the annoyance of "Derby Standard Time" and the $5 cans of PBR (which gives you 7/8th of a cup once poured) would really be bitchy and self serving. I won't go there, I'm better than that. Philly was really a great host, though I would say Rose City rocked it better in '08 (in my not so humble opinion).

Nationals was not the twelve best teams in WFTDA battling it out. It was the Top 3 in each division and all divisions are not created equal. At times it felt like the West versus the rest, In the end, three of the top four spots belonged to the Western division.

The two big topics in the smokers pit during the event were "The Stop Game" and "How Oly Changes Everything", both of which are standard reading on all the other derby blogs. I'll try to not labor on these too long...

The Stop Game: Haven't we already had this discussion? Yes, almost everyone at Nationals did it or attempted it. NO, it doesn't get you past good teams that know exactly what to do. This was a huge part of Denver's game plan and also favored by RMRG. Philly took sometime to figure it out and almost pulled out of an upset against RMRG. Windy elected to bash their way out of it, which created costly penalty situations they could not pull out of, against Denver. But Oly and Texas knew what to do and powered their way passed it. It's safe to say it can only get you so far.

In the aftermath, most of the roller derby discussion groups I troll are yapping about how the rules committee will be making changes. Of course no one has said "Wasn't it a rule change that made this strategy possible?", "Do you think a COMMITTEE is capable of plugging the hole without making a new one?". Maybe it's just the cynic in me that prefers the devil he knows over the new one that will be created. Frankly, I enjoy watching the smart teams juke right out of the Stop Game over a mindless game of chase.

(This post sat in Drafts for a few days...WFTDA has released some changes to the rules sans numerical coding so we can't "hate a number". I haven't read them yet, but suspect more might be coming in '10)

OLY: YES, they do change things. You don't have to like it, but you damn sure better accept it. They make National play more sport than show, and though they skate like monsters, they will NEVER win the after party.

All sports have various division of skills, minor leagues feed major leagues. Minor league games tend to be more entertainment. Major league games with arguably greater skills but tend to be full of Prima Donna's and Corporate coercion. So Oly, the Roller Derby Queens of Product Placement and a group of damn nice players, bring a new evolution to the sport of roller derby. They bring some different skill sets into a familiar format and do it better than anyone else. I do think they have a couple years of domination in them and they are an amazing team to watch.

Guess what? It's not done evolving! We have just begun to see the influences of small town leagues, their players and the Junior leagues and their players, further changing the game.

Say you are some leg whipping hot shot in a little league that is not WFTDA but within driving distance to a ranked league like...say, Rose City. If you decided that you wanted more from your "pay to play" derby career, wouldn't you think seriously about making that commute and joining that league? Wouldn't expanding the talent pool impact the game? Now how many leagues do you think are within a reasonable driving distance? Can you not see the impact the I-5 leagues can have on us?

Down the road, imagine what a Bud could do? Maybe a Braidy Punch, Elektra Cute or Heff'her Up? If their bodies survive the abuse and they reach the tender age of 21, still skating. Just think about what the years of experience and developed skills will bring...Damn that will change the game!

Now realize this scenario is playing out all over the country. Everything will change again. The Flat Track rEvolution has only just begun...

Based on some "victim" comments I saw in another venue, it is safe to say there are some local derby fans that won't have the stomach for the National game as it evolves. They will always have, the always entertaining Intra League bouts to watch. They just don't realize that even that has changed...single bouts, less pomp more sport and the sweet, sweet Hangar. I think we are slowly being conditioned to expect sport over show....but what do I know?

Actually, I know what I know. I know I am starting to Jones for some Pack Monster Mash and some Jammer on Jammer action. AoA to the rescue!

That's right derby fans, AoA versus Terminal City this Saturday! More proof that Season Tickets are a hella wicked good deal. I just can't wait! Though I have seen the Terminal City players skate on the Intra League teams this is my first chance to see their All Star Squad. From what I remember of the Terminal City '09 City Championships; they have some great skaters, smart coaching and some big ol'bruisers too. Of course seeing them stack up against the brutal AoA squad is a perfect way to end the '09 season. It's Derby Night in the Rose City, eh? (cue theme song)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Docket

Here's the doin's:

Friday, Dec. 4, 2009: G'n'R v. I-5 All Stars Exhibition. Your $5 donation at the Oaks Park Hangar door is much appreciated. They're selling beer there, too, but bring your own pork rinds and Slim Jims. Doors at 7. Skating at 8.

Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009: The very next night in the very same place: the Axles of Annihilation square off against Vancouver, BC's Terminal City Roller Girls. Buy yourself some tickets. Doors at 5, bout at 6.

Here's a quick calendar of Season Five Intraleague bouts:

1/16 Opening Tournament
2/13 High Rollers vs. Guns n Rollers
2/20 Betties vs Heathers
3/13 High Rollers vs. Heathers
3/27 Betties vs. Guns n Rollers
4/10 Heathers vs. Guns n Rollers
4/17 Betties vs. High Rollers
6/4+5 Semifinals
6/19 Championships

Thank you for that, Rose City Rollers. You are humble and lovable. And there are two bouts for my birthday weekend! You like me, you really like me!

Oh, say, here's a trailer for Brutal Beauty, the Chip Mabry documentary about RCR that premiers January 9 at the Hollywood Theater. Trailer could use a bit more blue, by my lights, but the movie looks good. Looking foward to seeing it.

Brutal Beauty - Tales of the Rose City Rollers (Trailer) from Benjamin Meader on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2010 Season Tickets & Bout Schedule, plus some Nationals Stuff

RCR is having a holiday sale on 2010 Season Tickets (both General Admission and Rockstar. I already ordered mine, and JeLLyPiG has ordered his.


Things get started at Expo January 16, 2010. You can flip through the RCR Calendar to get a look at what looks like a meaty year for Portland Derby. Whole lotta skatin' goin' on.

Oh, and say, Nationals was last week, and a ton of our regulars went out to Philadelphia to catch the action. Miss Print of the Cincinnati Rollergirls has a nice write-up. Oly took the title, by the way, blowing everybody's pyschic doors right off in the process.

There are also some high quality recaps at Derby News Network accompanied by a discussion in the comments section that will seem very familiar to Portland roller derby fans. Worth a read.

Here's D-Bomb's leg whip again:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Time for Nationals

DNN preview here.

Live bout coverage starts at 12:30 PST, Friday, Nov. 13.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Derby Helper Superfan of the Month: Our Boy George!

Yes, George!.

Nice job with the nomination, JeLLyPiG!

Monday, October 26, 2009

High Heathers pop those Sick Cherries

With all the advance notice, the addition of live bout feed by RCR I'm not sure how any fan of this blog could have missed this bout, but in case you's my usual half ass opinion and derby ramblings for your amusement.

First and foremost, I love the whole concept of the "RCR vs the NW" weekend. This was not only a great way to familiarize the fan base with the new players, but also allows the players to gain experience with heavy playing rotation. It creates a great opportunity to not only showcase our players, but players from the surrounding leagues...Genius RCR!

The SOLD OUT opener featured the newest High Rollers and Heartless Heathers against a hybrid team of Sicktown Derby Dames and Cherry City Derby Girls, a.k.a. Sick Cherries, and it was big time derby fun. Though our "High Heathers" established an early lead and held onto it throughout the bout, it was really about the action which was never lacking.

Ten minutes into the bout the High Heathers were up 31 to 1. Though the point differential would ebb and flow a bit, the power of the High Heathers jammers and blockers proved pretty brutal. It took the Sick Cherries most of the first half to warm up, find a groove and get some offense of their own. The half ended with HH up 78 to 53.

Despite some great effort by the Sick Cherries, they struggled to limit the High Heathers jamming crew while trying to provide offensive support for their own jammers. I was seriously impressed by the level of team play between these new High Heathers, until I realized that they should play well together...they've been playing against and with each other on the Fresh Meat team! The team play just widened the scoring gap until the High Heathers closed the bout with a 142 to 109 win over the upstart leagues of SickTown and Cherry City.

As for the roster for the High Heathers, according to the program:

Hard Candy (Though it looked like HARM candy on her jersey)

Monacle Debacle

Butcher Block

Knotty La Rue

French Tickler

Skintastic Dynomite

She Rex


F Bomb


Penny Dreadful

Minnie Van Mayhem

Devaskating Deva

Now I give Kudos to the whole damn team, but there are some players that especially stand out in my mind.

Monacle Debacle had several amazing jams and seems to possess the ability to transport herself into a hole and out of the pack. Right behind her on my list would be KicKassedy, who managed some great runs followed by Knotty and Hard Candy.

As for the Pack Monsters? F Bomb was a shining star of brutality and is on my ever growing list of players I enjoy watching. Like my other favorite packster Butcher Block, F Bomb was pushing the pack, taking players out of play before the HH jammer needed them moved. Providing a tough second hit in the 1,2 blocking scheme and finishing every hit, every time. Of course I also saw some serious game from likes of Penny Dreadful, Devaskating Deva, Skintastic and Knotty in the pack.Those Sick Cherries were hammered on and it was fun to watch.

As for day two of the soiree?

The Butt Rock Betties didn't really have much challenge from the Lilac City crew. It was a lopsided bout with Lilac looking more like a first year league than the two first year leagues that played as a team the night before. BrB had 142 to 64 for Lilac City and though it was hardly a trying bout for the BrB, it's was clear that both GnR and those Betties have some new hot shots for next season.

AoA lost a tough one to Jet City 108 to 122. It was a bizarre and often difficult bout for an AoA fan to watch. The bout started very competitive and close, then AoA found a groove, got a lead. It was AoA 70, Jet City 44 at the half. After that, it seemed like things got a bit cocky and really went sideways. Team play seemed fall to the wayside, as frustration set in and Jet City hammered back, taking a 76 to 74 lead and exerted more and more control. AoA did not relent and tried to regains their first half level of play, even taking a one point lead with 12 minutes left. Unfortunately penalties and some well executed play by Jet City would prove too much. Oh yeah there was hope for the last jam with 1 minute left AoA down by 14 points. Unfortunately for me, I spent that last jam screaming at officials, because Jet City had a Pivot on the track...and one in the box???? I was SO confused by that shit and the bout ended with AoA 108, Jet City 122, me with no voice left.

Damn, what a great derby bring to a close a fun RCR derby year.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Viagrrra Falls and Ringer!

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Friday, October 23, 2009


X2Z and Sump!
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139 to 79 HHMF pack
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George and the Mad Splatter (Fresh Meat!)
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Extraordinary Derby Weekend Approaches

Rose City Rollers have been doing a great job this year with very innovative events (Derby Daze comes immediately to mind as a stand-out example).

This weekend's Rose City vs. the Northwest may be the most fun Portland derby weekend for fans yet.

Friday night at 8, the High Heathers, composed of draftees of the Heartless Heathers and the High Rollers play a hybrid team of skaters from Salem and Corvallis. Intensive Scare and Mick U Cry will be bench-coaching the High Heathers.

Saturday at 5 p.m., the Buttrock Betties, featuring rookies from GnR and the Betties will go against another mixed team from Spokane and the Tri-Cities. Shove Me Tender and Mullet Bullet will be bench-coaching the Buttrock Betties who will also have GnR's Cher the Pain on the track.

Then at 7 that same night, our revered Axles of Annihilation team competes once again with Everett's Jet City Bombers.

Great stuff!

And then for something completely different, the WOJ Art + Music Symposium, sponsored by Disjecta, at Disjecta, with a ton of visual and performance art, and a show by NINJA that is likely to wow and surprise.

Tickets for Everything.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Heathers Googling


via Derby Helper

No shame in Windy City.

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that reads this blog that both WoJ and Windy City Rollers top my "Teams I Love" list. Yeah, I'm homer first but after watching WCR, then ranked 7th, hand then #1 ranked Kansas City Roller Warriors a 159 to 39 loss a little over a year ago, I started following and cheering for the WCR. So a match up that featured my hometown heroes against one of my national favorites was a "Must See" bout for this derby addict.

In the aftermath of Regionals, I didn't know what to expect from WoJ, although I had a good idea what I was going to see from the Windy City Rollers. WCR had a cake walk through their weak ass Central bracket, crushing most opponents by over 100 points. They are fast, tough and a very smart team of veteran players. They have only lost once at home in years and even then by only one point (to Philly). Since I really think this might be the year that WCR takes the National Title, I knew WoJ had their work cut out for them.

Okay, WoJ lost by 40 points...but the score doesn't tell the story of how well WoJ actually played. They held WCR time and time again. Every one in purple played their asses off and forced WCR to elevate their play to win. They pushed, challenged and lead several times. Even as the bout did slip away (in the last 15'ish minutes) I thought they might pull off an upset. It was in their eyes, no panic, no anger, just focus. Although WoJ was behind, they still made the WCR earn every point the hard way.

No shout outs to HH's on WoJ this time. The whole damned WoJ TEAM deserves props, as a team. Regardless of the colors they wear in Intra-Leagues Season, even though there was disappointment in Denver this year, I was damned proud to be a RCR fan in the stand in Windy City last night. Thank YOU WoJ.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Windy City 113, RCR Wheels of Justice 73

From the sound of Heathers blogger JeLLyPiG's Twitter updates, it was a hard-fought, intelligently played bout on both sides.

Windy City even employed an innovative tactic seen earlier this year from the Heartless Heathers (albeit under a different rule set), and later in the year at WFTDA Regional tournaments nationwide, involving bringing the pack to a complete stop.

High praise to the formidable Windy City Rollers, and allegiance and salutes to the Wheels of Justice.

Can't wait for Rose City Roller Derby next week.

Serving Justice in Chicago

photo by Joe Rollerfan

Justice Feelgood Marshall has a preview of today's Rose City/Windy City bout that starts today at 5 Pacific time.

He lists the WOJ Roster as follows:

Blood Clottia
Hurricane Skatrina
Leet Speaking Missile
Madame Bumpsalot
Mick U Cry
Mobi-Wan Kenobi
Rhea DeRange
Scratcher in the Eye
Sol Train
White Flight
Sully Skullkicker
JK Rolling

Um, that is a very impressive line-up, quite capable of bringing it on home.

I do believe that JeLLyPiG is in Chi-Town, so we may be hearing from him on this one soon.

UPDATE: DNN boutcast will be here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wheels can't roller over Rocky Mt.

WoJ 77 vs Rocky Mt. 101

They never led. They never executed in the same way that gave them the victory over Carolina, Duke City or B.A.D.g. Worst of all, they became an "also ran" in what could be the second biggest tournament upset in the history of WFTDA to date.

But we love them, we will continue to love because they are our team!

I had said this division had the greatest potential for upset, on that fact I was not wrong. I truly did not expect that our Wheel of Justice would be the prime example of how tough the Western Region Division is is what it is.

Tonight? I became a Ratz Fan...for the weekend anyway.

Wheels of Justice to play Rocky Mountain at 4 p.m. Pacific Time today

Rocky Mountain routed Tucson 319 - 27 to move ahead in the bracket. They will face Rose City's Wheels of Justice in the Western Regional Tournament.

Live bout coverage should be here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

WOJ at Western Regionals (Oct 2 - 4, Denver)

RCR page on this here,

Tourney page here,

and bracket here.

I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two of the more analytical bloggers here step up with a top-line preview post.

Until then, amuse yourself and the rest of us in the comments section.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Heather Sighting: Knotty Larue at the Black Cat Cafe!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Draft

Salute to SK on FB for these notes on the latest RCR draft:

Heathers -

Betties -
Slim Sheety

High Rollers -

Guns n Rollers -
Hockey honey

Monday, September 21, 2009

Windy City wins North Central Regional)s

Dang and teh awesome.

150-56 over Mad Rollin' Dolls from Madison, Wisconsin (another long lost home town of mine!).

Congrats Windy City! See you again at Nationals!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Caution: Derby Overload this Weekend.

So here is your gentle reminder. Tonight kicks off three big days of Derby happenings here in the lovely Rose City. According to an announcement from Executive Director Mean, all of these events are covered by Season Tickets. Ya just gotta bring'em wit ya.

This Merby (aka Roller Boys) event is a scrimmage with a $5 cover for non Season Ticket Holders

That crafty Skating with Scissors event is tomorrow 10am to 7pm at the Hangar.
A freebie event that is loaded with cool tangible goods to buy, thus tangibly supporting your local skaters and their supporters with your support.

The late add to the event schedule is the RCR appearance at the Alberta Street Fair on Saturday. Come out this Saturday to see it all you Last Thursday fans...

Sugar High Showdown with our Jr. Derby Rosebuds taking on Rat's Brats. Doors at Noon, bout starts at 1pm. There is a $5 cover for Non Season Ticket Holders or Season ticket holders that spaced bringing their Season Tickets. Come out and see your Derby Future.

There are some other bouts about, Emerald City closes their season with a City Championship and I hear Rainy City has a bout on the books. So there's plenty to do...

But wait, there's more...

The Brawl of America starts today from the heart of the sprawl of America. 10 teams enter, 3 team leave...sounds ominous. The tournament starts at 9:30 PST and complete bout schedule can be found at

A curious twist for me is coverage. As I set up my Mission Command Station this morning, it looks like DNN will only be providing Textcast through their site. Video feed has been contracted to another and that link is

The first bout of the day has the North Starts (MN) matching up again Milwaukie's Brewcity. My heart goes out to the North Star team as they are dealing with some emotional challanges having lost one of their leagues own just yesterday. It's a tough story to read but you can check that out on the Derby Helper Blog.

Life is short, so get your Roller Derby while you can...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WOJ Autumn 2009 Roster

Via Facebook, this impressive line-up:

Angry Wrench (captain)
Megahurtz (captain)
Axl Blows
Blood Clottia
Hurricane Skatrina
J.K. Rolling *
Layla Smackdown
Leet Speaking Missle
Licker 'n' Split
Madame Bumps A Lot
MaRollin' Monroe
Mick U Cry
Rhea Derange
Scratcher in the Eye
Sol Train
Sully Skullkicker*
White Flight

*roster additions

Dang! Everyone's time permitting, we'll be talking to some of these folks prior to Western Regionals.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Philly 90, Gotham 89

H/T JeLLyPiG for screencap:

Eastern Regional Championship Webcast, 9/13/09, 5 Pacific Time


Not sure if that's a vidcast or the normal text thing.

Have fun!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Skatember Roller Derby Fun.

If you are a derby addict like me, you noticed an open weekend in the September derby action. Oh sure, after the Rosebuds Sugar High Showdown on the 20th, there's online derby viewing with South Central Smackdown on DNN the following weekend, but nothing beats sitting on the track where the action is.

On September 26th the action is on the track at the Linn County Fairgrounds. The Sicktown Derby Dames will be playing host to the Lava City Roller Dolls at the SkatemberFest in Albany, doors open at 5pm and tickets are only $10 (Advance). It's a single bout event, which means you can "get your derby on" and still make it back to the city in time for some more evening fun or "hop'n bars". If you missed the open scrimmage at the Oregon State Fair last weekend, here is a chance to redeem yourself.

Of course this weekend kicks off the first of four consecutive weekends of high powered roller derby fun. The WFTDA Regional Tournaments begin this weekend with Wicked Wheels of the East in Carolina, the top ranked team in the Eastern Divisions playing for a slot at Nationals. Thanks to a pledge drive of sorts, DNN will be providing online coverage of all the tournaments beginning tomorrow at 8:15am (noted times are PST) with 9th ranked DC Rollergirls facing off against the 8th ranked CT Rollergirls. The big name bouts of the day are 6th ranked Providence taking on #1 Gotham at 11:45am. #2 Philly taking on the winner of the days second bout (#7Steel City Derby Demons vs #10 Dominion Derby Girls) around 3:15pm. They did save the best "rematch" for last, with #4 Carolina trying to prove to #5 Boston that the last time they met it wasn't just last jam luck. That potential nail bitter starts around 5:00pm. All of which narrows the field for Saturday's Final Four bouts which start up around 3:15pm. .

Check out all the brackets at WFTDA's fancy new website and find the boutcasts at DNN's fancy new website. Damn, did all of derby get a website face lift in the last week? Even our Rose City Rollers rolled out a new interweb look. Maybe I should talk to Ye'Ole Coroner about keeping up with the rest of the derby world...