Friday, August 8, 2008

How I spent my Friday evening. By MercGirl

So after a grueling 9 hours at the office, I headed down to the Expo Center to decorate the Ice Box. It took me a long time, I guess because I was alone. But anyhow there are lights and sparkly stuff and balloons and the glittery signs. I hope you all enjoy it. There will also be prizes for loud Cadavers.   See you all tomorrow!



Noz said...

holy crap!!! We left at almost 6pm, and the ice box didn't look that good!!!!

Congrats to all who helped!



The Coroner said...

MercGirl, allow all to praise you to the skies. You deserve a very nice accordion, that you can tote around to gigs in your very nice Merc. I hope to hear you play the anthem soon at a championship bout.

JeLLyPiG said...

MercGirl, you are one of the unsung heroes of Roller Derby. Those of us that just show up at the "party" never realize all the work that goes into it. (wow that sounded better then my first thought "Hey nIce Box")

Heathers Rule...MmmK!

Mercgirl said...

Thanks guys!
I am really hoping that the humidity hasn't made anything fall apart before tonight. I left at 8:30. I had to make a quick run to target in between for a power strip. I think the time spent was worth it though.

Ringer said...

OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was there till about 6pm too, sorry we missed you! You really did an amazing job, can't wait to see it in person.

Can't thank you enough!