Friday, January 29, 2010

Come Party with the Heathers, Saturday Feb 6 at Hollywood Vintage

This is the big Fifth Annual Anti-Valentines Party to Die For! It starts Saturday, February 6 at 9 p.m. at Hollywood Vintage, 2757 NE Pacific St (Corner of NE 28th & Sandy).

Lots of action: Shake Joint, the PF Flyers, live Karaoke, spanking booth (expect to see George's special underwear), Human Wheel of Misfortune, skate-worthy floor (expect to see Dancing Scott working a precious groove), and Heathers galore playing dress-up.

Honestly, I can't think of a better party venue than Hollywood Vintage for girls who like dress-up parties as much as the Heathers do.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For Those About to Rocket, We Salute You

Congratulations to Twat Rocket, newest member the Axles of Annihilation.

photo by Sharkey

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Great Li'l Vid at the Lila Exposure Blog

Hat Tip to Scratcher for the link to this post, with the great video clip at the end.

Oh yeah. Scores.

Here are the scores from last Saturday's opening mini-tournament

Round 1:

Guns n Rollers 72, High Rollers 67

Heartless Heathers 41, Breakneck Betties 78

Consolation Round:

High Rollers 34, Heartless Heathers 54

Final Round:

Guns n Rollers 44, Breakneck Betties 60

Some tough bouting, that.

JeLLyPiG may be by with his comments in a top-line post. Meanwhile, if anybody has any thoughts on Saturday night's competition, feel free to leave a comment.

UPDATE: Bout coverage from the PSU Vanguard

Archived Boutcasts, Brutal Beauty Encore Screenings

Them boutcasts be archived, in half-bout-sized morsels. Very nicely done, RCR. Bravo!

You know what else? Brutal Beauty Encore Screenings, Jan 26 - 28, 7 p.m. Hollywood Theater.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sol Train: The Interview

photo by Sharkey

Skater Name: Sol Train
Age: 36
Beverage of choice: Makers on the rocks with an IPA back
Heartless Heather since: Inception

CORONER: You do whitewater kayaking and rafting, you piloted a giant roller-skate off a ramp into the Willamette River, and you've been a major figure in Portland and national roller derby for years. When did you get your start as an adrenaline junky, and how has it developed through the years?

SOL TRAIN: I came by this honestly. I have been skiing since age 8. I had my first ambulance ride off the Mountain at 11 (hot doggin' some huge mogul run). I have always been into anything with wheels or water and making crazy stuff.

A lot of people I've talked to said that you got them into derby. Who got you into derby in the first place?

Megahurtz recruited me back when you'd see a big girl in a bar and try to convince them to join. We needed numbers.

Hurtz came by my place for some late after hours party and saw my skates sitting in the foyer. She asked if I skated, I replied "oh, yeah, all the time." I usually just cruised around the neighborhood. (which was quite a sight at the time; Rollerbladers would stop their tricks and hollar; "rollerSKATE!", ha) Anyway, I told Megahurtz to feel free to put on my skates and skate around the house. "I do it all the time". I have a natural little oval track in my house. She asked me to call her to skate sometime and I did. My first practice I didnt even realize it was roller derby. When she instructed me to bring all my pads and a helmet, I thought she was pretty conservative, or maybe thought I couldn't skate. So I rolled in with my construction and kayak pads and helmet. And as luck would have it, it was a low water year, meaning I was looking for something to do since there wasn't much kayaking or skiing.

Did you skate much as a kid?

Are you kidding? The coolest thing ever was Olivia Newton John and Xanadu. I went to Skateland every saturday. My sister and I made a track in our basement which had a 4 foot platform step you had to jump every lap! I even started derby on my Grandma's skates.

Did you grow up around here?

Nope. Grew up in Minneapolis. But I have lived here longer than anywhere else.

How long have you been Sol Train?

Not long before I started derby, say 8 months, a friend of mine confided that he and my kayaking buddies had been calling me sol train on all the videos. And since they were about to show the video on the big screen, and I would no doubt be there, they had to confess and asked if I was mad. I laughed. I told them no, and in fact I had just started a "soul train" at the bar the week before. When I came to derby, I just went with the nickname.

If I'm not mistaken, you've been on both the Heartless Heathers and the Wheels of Justice from the get-go. What's your take on the differences between intra-league and national level competition?

The Heathers are like the people I would call from the pokey; family. The Wheels of Justice is pure performance. A different reliance. More structure. Miss it though :)

What are some of the most memorable bouts of your career?

By far the most memorable bout for me was a travel team bout in 2006, I think it was against Sin City. I was jamming and doing pretty well, the crowd was on fire and began chanting my name; seriously like 3000 people. Holy crap. I didn't even have any friends in the audience.

Playing Oly in feb 09 was also pretty memorable. So ridiculously hardcore and the venue was so amazingly disgusting. It was almost renegade style. A ceiling tile even fell on Bitchin Camaro's head!

And of course, the first season's championship. We won. A rags to riches kinda story. We started with eight skaters. We trained super hard and won. Vom cried. It was amazingly emotional.

Now that your derby wife has moved on, are you heartbroken of are you playing the field?

Vom is and will always be my wife. :) We are still close and I miss seeing her so often. That said, I think we have always had an open relationship, ha.

Do you prefer jamming or being in the pack? difficult. The super ham in me love to jam. really. But the serious get it done part loves loves loves to frustrate, intimidate and get in people's heads as you can really only do as a blocker. It is just so much subtler believe it or not. Everyone notices the jammer. And honestly, I think I am a better blocker than a jammer.

What is your non-derby life?

I have my own business; Sol Creations. I do custom metal design and fabrication. In my free time (ha) I work on my house, kayak and ski mostly.

You have always been a big fan favorite - you even won the fan favorite trophy the first season. Does it creep you out a bit when fans see you on the street and start bowing down to you?

Well, it can be a little weird and gets a bit awkward when I am say on a date....try explaining that without coming across as a freak, ha. Although, when I got wind of "the church of sol train's ass", I was taken aback for a second, then cracked up. I have a pretty good sense of humor about all of it, I have to especially when my buddies witness it. They like to make sure I never get a big head.

Any opinions on how 2010 is looking for the Heathers?

This is a growing year for us. We have lots of young talent. We have not had much turnover until now, so need to make sure everyone is on the same page. No more referencing some obscure strategy from 2006. "Plan D!" It is just the beginning of the season though!

What should Cadavers keep in mind when they come to cheer on the Heathers this year?

First and foremost that we like it loud and proud! I am really looking to see the ridiculousness come back to the Rose City. I personally think we have gotten a bit too serious.. so lets turn it up! Love Always to the Cadavers! oooh, I got a chill...

Monacle Debacle Update

via RCR on Facebook:

Heartless Heathers skater Monacle Debacle underwent surgery last night for her broken tib and fib. She is expected to remain in the hospital through the day. She is thankful for all of the nice messages she has received from fans and derby family, please keep them coming!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monacle, the Trooper

photo by F-Bomb.

Bad News: Monacle Injured

Word came from the hangar last night that Monacle Debacle incurred a serious ankle injury during scrimmage.

We all wish her the best for a pain-free and speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Hoisted from the comment by F-Bomb:

"Monacle is scheduled for surgery this afternoon. Spiral tibia/fibula fracture. :( Please send good vibes and thoughts her way. We'll miss Monacle's amazing spirit on the track this weekend. Here's hoping for a quick recovery."

photo by Sharkey

People, Get Ready!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

O Captain, My Captain: 2010 Heathers Outlook

photo by Skippy Steve

We lobbed a few questions at Heartless Heathers captains Mobi-Wan Kenobi and Mick U Cry about the 2010 Season.

Mobi graciously provided her insights.

CORONER: How are you integrating all the fresh new recruits with the veteran skaters?

MOBI: I love this team, and playing roller derby. The drafting process for RCR is unlike anything I’ve ever been involved in. Due to the regular injuries, and overall exhaustion, turnover is a lot higher in this sport than any other...We currently have more new draftees than the Heathers as a team have had in many seasons. We are working tirelessly, incorporating extra practices, and buddying up OG girls with newer draftees in order to be bout ready. We are trying to have fun together as well, getting to know each other. Scratcher In the Eye and Sol Train have been helping with practices, and D-day, Ringer, Titania and Viagra bring so much experience and knowledge to the table. Evolution of the team is unavoidable, but the new girls are coming alive with all the practice, coaching and Makers Mark that we share.

Do you have any thoughts at this point on the shape of 2010 for the Heathers?

More than I could enumerate! Think of it like a waterfall in the winter. So much excitement and energy spilling over a gigantic drop. By the championship it will be a fine collection of intricate frozen daggers ready to strike.

What lessons have you brought back from your experiences at the national level with the Wheels of Justice.

I have to say that my experience with the Wheels of Justice last season was amazing. I learned the most from my teammates, but I also picked up a lot of amazing strategy and skills from watching/feeling how the other teams skated against us. Rocky Mountain’s aggressive hitting was fabulous and that game was fast paced and hard hitting...just how I like it.

Are all the Heathers healthy and ready to roll?

Viagra has been wrestling first with a knee injury, then with some injuries from the slopes. Luckily she will be ready to bout with us. We will be sad to be missing one of the fastest quad skating women in the nation (Izabell Ringer), who will be out of town for our opener. Otherwise we have a fairly healthy roster.

Any new stuff that Heathers fans should look for or be aware of when you take the track Saturday night?

Keep an eye out for a few new mascots. I hope this bout is a raucous event, replete with victory.


Cadavers, 2010 is going to be another great year for Heathers fans.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Volunteer Opportunity - Help the Heathers with Track Duty!

image by JeLLyPiG

The Heartless Heathers have once again drawn track duty Thursday night, which means they could use your help at 8:30 p.m. in dismantling the Rose City Rollers track at the Oaks Park Hangar, and loading the track pieces onto a truck.

Bring some work gloves, if you like. You'll get to do a little moderately physical labor with some pretty fun people, all for the excellent cause of roller derby.

Again, that's 8:30 p.m., Thursday, January 14, at the Oaks Park Hangar.

If we don't see you then, we'll see you at the bout!

Heathers por vida!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Docket

This Saturday, January 9, 7 p.m., at the Hollywood Theater, the RCR documentary Brutal Beauty will be unleashed upon the world. Get yourself some tickets and go.

Afterparty at Bossanova Ballroom, 722 East Burnside. Hobnob with the stars. Buy season tickets.

A week following that nice prelude, Saturday, January 16 at the Portland Expo Center, it's RCR's Season 5 opening bout. Tickets are available online from Ticketswest or from your favorite skater, assuming she has any left.

There was some discussion in another venue about who the featured skater on the bout poster might be. The latest consensus holds that that's Blood Clottia. Opinions? Authoritative answers?

STD (Save the Date!) for the Heartless Heathers' Anti-VDay Party, the night of Saturday, February 6 at Hollywood Vintage (2757 Northeast Pacific Street, neighborhood of 28th & Sandy). Always quite an eye-opening bash, that one.


If you seek more information, the RCR Newsletter is quite good. You can even subscribe to have it delivered to you via email.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Interview with a Heather: Monacle Debacle

photo by Sharkey.

Skater Name: Monacle Debacle
Age: 28
Neighborhood: NE
Beverage of choice: Hot Toddy
Heartless Heather since 2009

CORONER: It has been really fun watching you skate in your initial scrimmages and bouts here. Somebody told me that you were a transfer skater. Where did you skate before you came to Portland?

MONACLE DEBACLE: Thanks! I started skating in Savannah, GA when the Derby Devils were forming three and a half years ago. I was relatively new to town and was craving outlets to meet people. A flyer for derby crossed my path and I didn't hesitate. I wanted to play. It took me a month to utter more than a word to another player, but I showed up every practice three nights a week for three years.

How have you seen the game change during your time, and how has it changed you?

Good lord, I didn't even know the rules for the first two years that I played. I didn't know how to stop, really, until this summer. For me, derby has changed most dramatically since I moved to Portland in July.

Coming from an incredibly small league where we barely had enough skaters to bout, I have only recently been aware of its true, majestic influence on more than myself.

How do you like being a Heather so far?

The Heathers persona is an ice Queen, but every single player on our roster has heart. This is what drew me here. Hell, yes, I want to win, but I want to do it with a love of the sport and for each other.

What's your preference - jamming or being in the pack?

I am really enjoying being in the pack. Jamming can be done with a singular focus on your own skills. I spent years improving my footwork and agility simply because it's what got me through a pack. There was no structure to it. Now I'm learning to use my teammates, to be aware of more than myself and execute strategy.

Have you ever felt that you've reached a plateau in your game? How did you overcome it?

My breakthrough in derby came from going on a 5 week bicycle tour through Chile with friends. I came back from climbing the Andes Mountains and could finally skate after trying to for almost a year with the Devils. My body responded and I was able MOVE.

How did you choose your derby name?

There's something about the word "monocle." It instantly provides mystery rounded out by class. I will kill you, but you will enjoy me doing it.

What occupies your time outside of roller derby?

I always have a project. I sell bicycle caps online and I'm currently getting my craft room together for expanded sewing. Derby always seeps in - I'm sewing some helmet covers for the Breakneck Betties for the season opener on January 16. I like finding new bicycle routes in this lane-filled city, and exploring new recipes in a warm kitchen.

What is your biggest challenge on and off the track?

I am a type I diabetic. Each day I have to make time for the art of managing my insulin intake, maintaining a good diet and exercising. Bouts are particularly difficult for me because I get nervous and it messes with my blood sugar level. It's hard to skate when your body is revolting against you. Ultimately, though, when the first whistle blasts, I tuck my insulin pump into my knee pad and hope for the best.

Congratulations on being selected for the AoA. That's a hell of a roster. Do the Axles have any bouts before Miami on January 30? What's it like working with that team, as opposed to working with the Heathers?

No bouts before Miami. I started practicing with AoA a month before we played Terminal City in early December. The drive and focus that was present blew me away. It's such an excellent mishmash of home team players with one thing in common: our commitment to this sport. Travel team is serious. You get better, or you go home.

What's your favorite thing about derby?

Learning something new, every practice. EVERY practice.

Your teammates really speak highly of you. Do you have a favorite Heather?

Favorite Heather, yikes. I would have to say Scratcher in the Eye. When I came to Portland for a week to solidify my random decision to move here, I stopped in on a travel team practice at the hangar. As an English nerd, her name stuck out to me. She's a smart jammer and blocker that has real foresight in a pack. Since becoming a Heather, I can add that she is a confident leader and has encouraged me since day one.

What are your big goals on the Heathers, in the RCR, and in the WFTDA?

The Heathers have recently drafted the most new players of all of the home teams in the league. There is a lot of rebuilding to do. This will take time and teamwork and I am excited to be one piece of that foundation.

RCR is a tremendous resource. I aim to become a member that gives more than they take. I'm adopting a rosebud in January. I'm so excited.

As for WFTDA, I want to go to Nationals. I would love to be with Rose City and the Wheels of Justice when we win.