Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Bit A Bout Signage

So, I am making some signs for the bout. I am thinking very WWF, pep rally, stick-in-the-eye-taunting sort of stuff. My hope is to really get some crowd participation and raw emotion flowing in the Ice Box and I am hoping for some inspiration from my fellow cadavers.
Have you got any snappy slogans or anti-Betties taunts that you think would look good on a sheet of foam core with some glitter?? Post a comment! I am going to be working on signs this week end and next week. I am perfectly fine with the sheer cheese factor of all of this, the cheesier the better. I am planning on being one hell of a pep squad and am counting on my fellow cadaver for back up. Go Fight Fuckin Win! I even bought blue pom pons!
Send those cards and letters, I mean comments and ideas, boys and girls. Go Heathers!

Hugs and Kisses


The Coroner said...

It's too bad the Heathers aren't playing G'n'R again, so you could break out the classic "Gunts & Rollers" stuff.

Maybe something about the "Broke Dick Benties?"

Puerile, I know. And jejeune.

the_mad_nader said...

GREAT IDEA! Suggestions? Where to begin!

I've always be a fan of "Bitchy Babies" - Mr. WMC actually made a limited edition t-shirt with that and a hilarious logo.

"Brokedown Betties" works too.

You can always go with poking fun at skater names. "Di-A-Rhea DeRange", "Mega-Squirts" (accompanied by a drawing of Hurtz getting her block knocked off), "Caddy's Suck Gas", "Fran Tripya", you get the idea.

I'm also also think it would be cool to get some cheering signage for our ladies - maybe one for each girl? I wonder if there's time to divvy up the skaters and have different people volunteer so that each Heather has a sign? If all else fails, maybe we could organize a pre-bout get together somewhere to brainstorm and make some really creative signs.

I agree MercGirl, the Ice Box needs to be INSANE, and it is the responsibility of each and every Cadaver to make sure that happens!

George said...

I too am making some signs. I'm printing extras to pass out to the Icebox!

Mercgirl said...

I am making a sign for each Heather. I have made one Bettie taunting sign so far, I used the gas sucking idea the_mad_nader suggested. These are pretty time consuming as I am hand-crafting each one. I will keep crafting away as time permits, but I really hope that someone will "volunteer" to make some Bettie taunting signs too.

Vominatrix said...

My signs always get check for contect guess I have gotten a bit racey in the past, but they never said anything about other peoples signs. I will rock a sign if one is presented to me hint hint

George said...

I will definitely have a sign (or two) for you, Vominatrix! I’m printing up a stack!