Friday, July 25, 2008

Get Tickets Early and Often

Championship bout tickets on-line, just one of the many splendid options. Judging from the number of people (including many new people) I know who are going, I predict an early sell-out for this bruising, double-headed thriller.

And remember: no parking on the dance floor.


JeLLyPiG said...

Don't forget this sweetheart deal...

RCR Ticket Super-Pack $70.00 US
- 2 August 9th 2008 Championship Bout TIX
- 2 September 20th 2008 Bout Tickets
the WOJ vs "TBA" (myspace rumor AZRD is really TBA)
- 2 RCR T-Shirts

Tell your friends to tell their friends and their friend's freinds!

Ringer said...

Also Cheap ticket night... Aug 6th, buy 3 and get one free! Various locations around town starting at 8pm including Beuhlahland, Rogue, Kays Bar, Night Lite and more... (I'll be at Oaks park open skate session from 7-9)!