Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Docket (Upcoming Events, Happenings)

photo by Chris Barnes.

RCR Wheels of Justice Skate-a-thon is this weekend, Saturday, July 12th, 11 a.m. starting at Oaks Park, to be specific. Pledge some cash to a Portland All-Star skater to assist with essential travel expenses to Philadelphia (the one in Pennsylvania) for a nationally qualifying bout. Step up and sponsor, patriots!

7/12 - Ringer, Oregon games - speed skating competition: Powell Valley Elementary (there is a banked track out back) 4825 E Powell Road, Gresham OR. Ms. Ringer is competing in the quad division. Competitions start at noon.

7/12 - The Heathers are feting the three Heathers brides with a river boat party. (Private party, not open to the public, so step back from that velvet rope, you miserable curs).

7/13 - Wheels of Justice garage sale, to help the Portland travel team get their knockin' boots out to Philadelphia, where they will smoke some fine Philly ass. Because that's how WOJ operates. And because smoked ass is a delicacy in the city of brotherly love. Because. Just because.

Oh, hey, and li'l mention of RCR in the July 3 Portland Tribune. I missed it because I don't generally read Mr. Pamplin's rag.

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Noz said...

HEY!! That's Mrs Ringer!!!

And its a bizar little track, barely banked in the corners, 150m arround. They used to run races out there in the early 80s. At that time it was out in the boonies, now its surrounded by McMansions.