Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meet the Cadaver: grunt

cadaver name: grunt
age: 27
neighborhood: The Land of Canucks!
beverage of choice: Any thing with hops. Too many to choose from. In Canada: Sleeman's Honey Brown Lager nad in USA: Pyramid Weizen
Heathers fan for: 1 1/2 years (well maybe 3, I just didn't know Goodie was a Heather (although at the time she might not have been)

You live in BC, correct? Do you come down often for Portland Roller Derby?

I do live in BC. Last year, I think I caught at least 3 bouts from September to November. This year it's been a little busy, but I'm trying to make it down there!

Tell us about your own league and team. How long have you been at Roller Derby, what got you into it, and how is it all going for you?

I skate with the Terminal City Rollergirls. My team are the Riot Girls, currently undefeated in our first season skating together. I've been a derby girl since January 2006, a founding member of TCRG. I caught the A&E Rollergirls show and googled to see if there was anything going on and I came across's Pink Forum. All sorts of skating related information there, as well as a call out for interested derby skaters back in '06. This season is going pretty good, we've also released the names of the skaters who have made the TCRG travel team which I am proud to say I am a part of.

How did you become a loyal Heathers fan?

In July of 2007, a group of Heathers came to BC to scrimmage with our league. I think no matter what, the Heathers will always be a favourite of any Terminal City league members that were around at that time. Whether it be tips on how to make the perfect hit - timing and precision key! Or how to have as much fun as possible, even if they did get lost in Downtown Vancouver... What I think really cements it for me is when a group of us came down and a small group of the Heathers' Misters hung out with us pre-bout. Made sure we were taken care of and really told us how to behave in the Box!

Do you have any favorite moments from bouts past?

Honestly I can't pin-point a key favourite moment. It could be a great hit or a jammer getting by the opposing blockers. I just love when the Heathers come together and work as a team! ok, I do have to say any time Goodie skates - be it jamming or blocking - is just awesome to watch.

What words of inspiration or advice do you have to offer to the Heathers as they prepare for their upcoming epic battle with the Breakneck Betties?

They should know that Terminal City is sending some bruising hits the Betties' way. To rock them hard and know that it's the HHMF 2008 Champions!

Vid by Fire Crotch and Doc Holiday of Goodie and D-Day bound by hula hoop on quads during the Heathers' legendary Vancouver visit. Hat Tip to D-Day for the link.


Ringer said...

I do love me some GRUNT!!! Best of luck to you and your team Saturday - RG08!

JeLLyPiG said...

So this Potlander is sitting in Delta BC this morning enjoying my Tim Bits reading about a fellow Heather's fan that plays in one of my favourite leagues...TERMINAL CITY. Irony anyone?

I been telling everybody I work with here in BC that they should go check out their local Derby Girls because I have and they tear it up. BACDN!!!

Thanks GRUNT.

the_mad_nader said...

GRUNT ROCKS!!! You know that I can and will ALWAYS be happy to round up some other Heathers' Misters to tip back a beer and take care of you and any other TCRG peeps who make the trek down to pdx.

We LOVE you ladies, and all the frosty goodness you bring to the Ice Box!

Btw, y'all did realize that was D-Day with Goodie Hula-whipping each other in that clip

The Coroner said...

Thanks for the info on who was hooped, the_mad_nader. I will correct the caption forthwith!

Miss Conduct PDX said...

Grunt! We've missed you down here! Mr. WMC wants to help get you drunk!