Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Golds for Ringer at Oregon Games.

The Mad Nader, elevated from comments:

Hey Ringer, were these the skates that helped propel you to two gold medals in speed skating at the Oregon Games this past weekend?

Actually, I think I know the answer, I was just looking for an excuse to give you some recognition - Congratulations!

Before she had status and before she had a pager:


Mercgirl said...

That picture brings tears to my eyes. Fan-fucking-tastic! Congrats to Ringer!

Ringer said...

Wow, those skates bring back memories! Still have those wheels tho believe it or not! I think those were Winter/Jan 06 skates.

And thanks for the Kudos - that banked track is pretty fun to skate!

Ringer said...

Actually - I lied, I gave those wheels to FC! (nothing about those skates still exist). And my current white skates, soon to be retired for speed, my new skates are sooooo light and speedy, wow!!!

(added a photo from this weekend)
and some from the time trial here: