Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Heathers Googling

Roller Derby Week on Comcast Sportsnet, Jul 28 - Aug 3. So says Willy Week, with some old footage at the link (Cock Blocker speaks!).

I don't have cable, so tell me if it's any good. Apparently some RCR footage is in the mix. Bummed about no LA T-Birds.

In other Heathers Googling for the week, this just sucks. I hope she gets that big-assed truck and her skates back. Kind of hard for a car thief to be inconspicuous in that vehicle.

Excellent article about the Funky Four Plus One More and their flying roller skate in the Jewish Review.

RCR photos by Douglas Remington, Chris Barnes, and Steve Price will be on display at Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, August 5 - 27, says the Forest Grove News Times. Take the Max out to Hillsboro and see some art.

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Mercgirl said...

I am watching some sweet derby action on Comcast SportsNet right now. It is a vintage 1973 Midwest Pioneer vs NY Chiefs match up. There is am awful lot of outright brutality going on. I had forgotten how many punches to there were back then. Oh hell yeah, they just said something about getting your subscription to "RollerDerby Illustrated."