Monday, September 28, 2009

WOJ at Western Regionals (Oct 2 - 4, Denver)

RCR page on this here,

Tourney page here,

and bracket here.

I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two of the more analytical bloggers here step up with a top-line preview post.

Until then, amuse yourself and the rest of us in the comments section.


The Coroner said...

That looks to me like a tasty bracket for the WOJ. Lord knows they earned their seeding.

For those in the dark, team captain Angry Wrench got taken out of the line-up with a very nasty injury (get well soon, woman!). Don't know if anybody is replacing her in Denver. Maybe some WOJ will check in and fill us in.

Here was the line-up a couple weeks ago, before the wrenching moment:

Angry Wrench (captain)
Megahurtz (captain)
Axl Blows
Blood Clottia
Hurricane Skatrina
J.K. Rolling
Layla Smackdown
Leet Speaking Missle
Licker 'n' Split
Madame Bumps A Lot
MaRollin' Monroe
Mick U Cry
Rhea Derange
Scratcher in the Eye
Sol Train
Sully Skullkicker
White Flight

JeLLyPiG said...

I've tried to sit down to put my very complicated and convoluted thoughts on the Western Regionals to words, but to no avail. Between the confusion of the "If and Then" scenarios that are the natural bi-product of bracketed play, and my inability to see most of the tournament (due to work) it's been a struggle to motivate. Not to mention my rambling tendencies which make writing and editing my crap an arduous task. So here is a boiled down version...sort of a PiG LiTe blog.

Based on some of the things I've seen in this years tournaments, there are two trends I hope will continue in the West:
#1) The winners of the first two tournament opening bouts can't seem to win the second bout, which is the second bout they're skating in a single day.
#2) The Host City does not fair our case that is both Denver & Rocky Mountain.

Both of those things would work well for WoJ. If it's all about advancing to Nationals, then "TWO WINS" is the objective. Obviously two wins in a row beats win/lose/win and the later also presents a tougher scenario, but either way they're in. Oh I could blow some liquid sunshine up your ass and talk about how WoJ is going to win it all and they very well could. From my perspective getting to Philly is the immediate goal. (For them anyway...I'm going regardless!) It's also where they end up in the National bracket if they advance and I see the best spot as #2 in the West.

The Duke City/Oly/Rat/BADg side of the Western bracket is the toughest one of any of the regional tournaments. I do hope like hell that the mighty fall in that bracket. I really think there are all the components for a perfect storm...i.e. a major upset.

If I AM going to hang my ass out there, I say WoJ faces Rocky Mountain followed by Denver. This is why I am such a fan of the '09 tourney trends. After that? It will be in the hands of the Derby Godz.

If the mighty Wheels of Justice play at the level that they played Carolina & Duke City...they will have their Declaration of Derby. Now just f@#king do IT!