Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Draft

Salute to SK on FB for these notes on the latest RCR draft:

Heathers -

Betties -
Slim Sheety

High Rollers -

Guns n Rollers -
Hockey honey


The Coroner said...

Congratulations to all the new Heathers; can't wait to yell for you.

I was gee-darned excited to see that F-Bomb and Frenchie (imported Emerald!) are now in blue!

Monocle and Skin, I'm not clued in enough to know you, and I look forward to seeing you in action! If the Heathers drafted you, you are the operational definition of quality.


Ellen said...

I'm fucking stoked to be wearing blue. HEATHERS POR VIDA!!


Beth - portland, oregon said...

fuck yeah Frenchie!!!

Skatie Kat said...

when Slim, F-bomb and Skin were taken, I had tears! So happy for them. I really hope to be on that list myself one day.

SK80 Kat (rcr fresh meat)

George said...

Sweet! Great picks! Welcome and Congratulations!

I remember Frenchie from Emerald City. Come on, Coroner, you know who Skintastic Dynomite is. And, F-Bomb, you rock! Like the Coroner, I'm not familiar with Monocle, but I look forward to cheering for you!

Congratulations again all!


The Coroner said...

Oh, duh, George. Sorry, I really need a shortened derby name cross-reference. Yes, I know who Skintastic Dynomite is.

What a great draft haul!

Mercgirl said...

Whoot! Welcome new Heathers! HPV!!

the_mad_nader said...

I'm so stoked on our newest Heathers! Such a fantabulous mix of fresh new talent (I've heard Monocle is amazing), new-to-RCR talent (I've cheered for Frenchie a number of times down at ECRG bouts), and skaters with significant league experience (Skin and F-Bomb).

Add in Knotty Larue (who I had the distinct pleasure of meeting @ the Green Dragon's Indie Beer Fest last weekend), and Hard Candy, and this year's Heathers roster is filling out nicely after so many dearly missed retirees.

It seems like the upcoming season is going to be a transition year for much of the league, but with the lineups that the Heathers are going to be able to field, featuring seasoned skaters and new talents alike, as well as a pair of amazing new captains (big congrats Mo and Mick - the M&M's) - I'm REALLY looking forward to the Heathers 2010 season!