Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 Heartless Heathers

This is the list as it now stands:

Butcher Block
D Day
Fire Crotch
F Bomb
French Tickler
Goodie Two Skates
hArm Candy
Knotty La Rue
Monacle Debacle
Mobi Wan Kenobi
Mick U Cry
Ruby Bruiseday
She Rex
Sol Train
Scratcher in the Eye
Skintastic Dynomite
Viagrrra Falls

I look at that list and cannot suppress the "wow." That is a roster of immensely impressive skaters.

2010 will likely be a great year for Heathers and Cadavers. Those season tickets you want for Christmas can be found here.

Photo by Sharkey.


Anonymous said...

Must be behind in the times. I thought Butcher Block was GNR

George said...

I look at that list and I think "wow" also, Coroner. That is an impressive lineup, to say the least. I got my season ticket and I'm ready!

Oh, and by the way, the track barriers SUCK!

The Coroner said...

Somebody's got a bee in his bonnet. And that somebody is named George.

George said...

Well, JeLLyPiG said, and I quote, "...feel free to talk shit about the track barriers."

The Coroner said...

1Point well taken, George.

And Anonymous, Butcher Block is definitely a Heather. I don't recall her ever having been G'n'R, of course there are a lot of things I don't recall.

George said...

Did Harm Candy officially change her name to Twat Rocket? Can we get some verification on that? I heard some people calling her that, but didn't know if it was official or not.

The Coroner said...

Last I heard, she had applied for that name. Maybe we can get her over here to answer that question.

I hope she gets that name. When we all cheer for her and yell her name, they'll have good fun trying to eject us all for violating the fan's code of conduct.

firecrotch said...

tell us how you really feel about those bumpers around the track george!

would it violate the fan code of conduct if you pick one up and start an american gladiators sort of foam swordfight?
or maybe you could use them as a pillow if there are too many official timeouts and the game gets boring?
just tryin' to help you learn to love them, or maybe i'm encouraging troublemaking. lol

F-Bomb said...

Yeah, I think she's going with Twat Rocket. It's too bad Slaybia moved away. That would have been fucking hilarious. Something like, "Oh, Slaybia and Twat are taking some hard hits on the track!".


The Coroner said...

Well, F-Bomb, we've still got Fire Crotch, so with her and Twat Rocket, it's still a very vadgy team.