Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2010 Season Tickets & Bout Schedule, plus some Nationals Stuff

RCR is having a holiday sale on 2010 Season Tickets (both General Admission and Rockstar. I already ordered mine, and JeLLyPiG has ordered his.


Things get started at Expo January 16, 2010. You can flip through the RCR Calendar to get a look at what looks like a meaty year for Portland Derby. Whole lotta skatin' goin' on.

Oh, and say, Nationals was last week, and a ton of our regulars went out to Philadelphia to catch the action. Miss Print of the Cincinnati Rollergirls has a nice write-up. Oly took the title, by the way, blowing everybody's pyschic doors right off in the process.

There are also some high quality recaps at Derby News Network accompanied by a discussion in the comments section that will seem very familiar to Portland roller derby fans. Worth a read.

Here's D-Bomb's leg whip again:


Noz said...

I don't know if it came over the live feed, but Oly's first bout agaisnt Gotham was horrid. Gotham is a one trick/3.0 team, and why it took so long for someone to beat them is beyond me.

Teams that had easy bouts on Friday really had an advantage in getting out the first game jitters. Both Denver teams had cake walks that got them ready for the big bouts Saturday.

Best bout was the Philly RMRG. Wow. That was really the second place vs third place bout. RMRG blew their tournament wad on that bout, and were spent for the rest. On Sunday they only had 11 on the bench to field.

Oly just kept getting better with each game, and didn't send a player to the box until 10mins past in the first period of the final. Wow... And there was some very obvious ref bias going on with many of the bouts Saturday and Sunday. I've never seen that before. Kinda disturbing.


The Coroner said...

I saw one of your comments on "coordinated" ref bias and wondered what that was about, and in whose favor?

Noz said...

Gotham and Texas. Was kinda weird. Gotta say Mr Rawk was outstanding, but not immune. And having been a ref in a close game, internally routing for a certain team, it is hard. But was pretty obvious in outta play calls.