Wednesday, December 23, 2009


As we've seen, the Heathers already have a full, quite impressive roster, so they didn't nab anybody in last night's draft.

Other teams did, though.

The Betties pulled DeeDeeMonic, Mad Splatter, and Push La Tush.

The newest High Rollers are Skool Girl Crusher and Texine.

And the Guns 'n' Rollers took Harriet The Sly, Micro Bruiser, and, wait for it, Cadillac.

I know, huh. Somewhat reminiscent of Blood Clottia's league-rebalancing move of a few years back.

Anyway, congratulations to all, and thanks to Skatiekat and RCRBetties for all the newsy Tweets. And kudos to the Betties' tweeter (Scrappy?) for use of the Oxford comma.

George and the Mad Splatter (No Longer Fresh Meat!)


The Coroner said...

Whoops, had to correct the original post, which omitted Skool Girl Crusher going to the High Rollers.

Does this place have an editor?

Thanks Sk80 for setting the record straight.

scrappy said...