Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Extraordinary Derby Weekend Approaches

Rose City Rollers have been doing a great job this year with very innovative events (Derby Daze comes immediately to mind as a stand-out example).

This weekend's Rose City vs. the Northwest may be the most fun Portland derby weekend for fans yet.

Friday night at 8, the High Heathers, composed of draftees of the Heartless Heathers and the High Rollers play a hybrid team of skaters from Salem and Corvallis. Intensive Scare and Mick U Cry will be bench-coaching the High Heathers.

Saturday at 5 p.m., the Buttrock Betties, featuring rookies from GnR and the Betties will go against another mixed team from Spokane and the Tri-Cities. Shove Me Tender and Mullet Bullet will be bench-coaching the Buttrock Betties who will also have GnR's Cher the Pain on the track.

Then at 7 that same night, our revered Axles of Annihilation team competes once again with Everett's Jet City Bombers.

Great stuff!

And then for something completely different, the WOJ Art + Music Symposium, sponsored by Disjecta, at Disjecta, with a ton of visual and performance art, and a show by NINJA that is likely to wow and surprise.

Tickets for Everything.


George said...

This is almost too perfect. I have a friend in town who has never seen roller derby. She is beyond excited to see not one, but THREE bouts this weekend!

Is there an after party after the Friday bout? If so, where?

capsforsale said...

i heard it was at sway bar.

DancingScott said...

Derby Overload Here We Come!

I'm thinking that on Saturday the official afterparty will be none other that the WoJ Art + Music Symposium. Roller Girls! Ninjas! Wheel of Misfortune! Beer!

Ellen said...

Gooo High Heathers!! That was a great game and I'm so excited for the "new generation" of Heathers.