Sunday, October 18, 2009

No shame in Windy City.

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that reads this blog that both WoJ and Windy City Rollers top my "Teams I Love" list. Yeah, I'm homer first but after watching WCR, then ranked 7th, hand then #1 ranked Kansas City Roller Warriors a 159 to 39 loss a little over a year ago, I started following and cheering for the WCR. So a match up that featured my hometown heroes against one of my national favorites was a "Must See" bout for this derby addict.

In the aftermath of Regionals, I didn't know what to expect from WoJ, although I had a good idea what I was going to see from the Windy City Rollers. WCR had a cake walk through their weak ass Central bracket, crushing most opponents by over 100 points. They are fast, tough and a very smart team of veteran players. They have only lost once at home in years and even then by only one point (to Philly). Since I really think this might be the year that WCR takes the National Title, I knew WoJ had their work cut out for them.

Okay, WoJ lost by 40 points...but the score doesn't tell the story of how well WoJ actually played. They held WCR time and time again. Every one in purple played their asses off and forced WCR to elevate their play to win. They pushed, challenged and lead several times. Even as the bout did slip away (in the last 15'ish minutes) I thought they might pull off an upset. It was in their eyes, no panic, no anger, just focus. Although WoJ was behind, they still made the WCR earn every point the hard way.

No shout outs to HH's on WoJ this time. The whole damned WoJ TEAM deserves props, as a team. Regardless of the colors they wear in Intra-Leagues Season, even though there was disappointment in Denver this year, I was damned proud to be a RCR fan in the stand in Windy City last night. Thank YOU WoJ.


thrill the world said...

Hi all,

I heard you led a Thriller practice last week, & let folks know about Thrill the World. Y'all are awesome! Thanks so much!

Alan - thrill the world

Mick said...

Hell ya! Wheels rocks!