Friday, October 2, 2009

Wheels can't roller over Rocky Mt.

WoJ 77 vs Rocky Mt. 101

They never led. They never executed in the same way that gave them the victory over Carolina, Duke City or B.A.D.g. Worst of all, they became an "also ran" in what could be the second biggest tournament upset in the history of WFTDA to date.

But we love them, we will continue to love because they are our team!

I had said this division had the greatest potential for upset, on that fact I was not wrong. I truly did not expect that our Wheel of Justice would be the prime example of how tough the Western Region Division is is what it is.

Tonight? I became a Ratz Fan...for the weekend anyway.


DancingScott said...

What in heck happened? Does anyone have any theories about what went wrong? Was it the elevation? Was it Denver's home team advantage? Did the competition find a weak spot in the WoJ defense? Did WoJ just have an off night?

George said...

Well Dancing Scott, here’s the way that I saw it. Rocky Mountain’s defense was incredible. Our jammers just could not get through. What I noticed was that Rocky Mountain would consistently “take our jammers out” when we tried to gain lead jammer status. What I mean is that they would effectively block our jammers to the ground and make them slide out of bounds, which would cause our jammers to take awhile to recover and get back on their feet. By the time our jammers would recover, the pack was long gone. Simply put, Rocky Mountain’s blocking was incredible. They wouldn’t just block our jammers, they made sure that our jammers were neutralized (on their ass, out of bounds, and shaken a bit). I don’t necessarily think that WOJ played a bad game, they just didn’t have the defense the Rocky Mountain did. If I had never seen these two teams play before, and was just basing my opinion of them on this one bout, I would assume that Rocky Mountain was a more experienced and polished team. But in reality, we know that’s not the case. It was frustrating to watch.

Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dancing Scott!