Monday, May 18, 2009

The Semifinal Matchups

High Rollers v. Heartless Heathers, June 6.

G'n'R v. Break Neck Betties, June 13.

Championship at Expo, June 27

From the Ministry of Information:

Our home teams have never been as competitive as they are this season! With the Heathers and the Betties winning 2 and losing 1 so far this season, and the High Rollers and GnR both with 1 win and 2 losses, many fans are scratching their heads trying to figure out the rankings.

It all came down to the point differentials at last Saturday's bout against the GnR and the Betties. Our beloved stats "geek" has crunched the numbers and it's been determined that the Heathers will play the High Rollers June 6th and the GnR will get another shot at the Betties June 13th.

Who will play who at the Championships at the Expo on June 27th? That's still anybody's guess...


George said...

As long as we don't have to face the High Rollers in the final championship bout, George is happy. All is right with the world.

Slaybia said...

Bummed June semis are gonna feel like Groundhog May. Regardless of the repetition they will hopefully be exciting and hard fought games.

JeLLyPiG said...

Groundhog May? Will May simply repeat itself or will correction be made? Every team in every bout has something to prove. That will make it more interesting.

Tick tock because there is only a couple weeks for people to get there sh!t together. And every team has work to do!

Kurt Maier said...

Heathers are gonna pull this one out. Besides, I think it's illegal to have a RCR final without them in it.

Yet after seeing Saturday's bout it's the possible final with the Betties that bothers me more.


Slaybia said...

If you recall the glorious movie the same day and events kept repeating but the outcome of said day/events were altered each time by the actions of the fabulous Bill Murray. While the Heathers may not have time to learn french poetry, the art of ice sculpture or classical piano we will not allow a repeat of our May game.

JeLLyPiG said...

Good answer!