Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roller Derby Documentary Casting Call

From the Ministry of Information:

Documentary film maker Chip Mabry will begin production on the new Rose City Roller docu-series the week of May 10. His crew will be shooting the May 16th G&R / Betties bout. They will be shooting Rocket Mean, Cadillac and Marollin for the 16th, but are looking for additional cast members for upcoming shoot days.

They will be holding auditions for characters on FRIDAY MAY 15th at the hangar at 6:30 pm until they are finished. These will be informal interviews that will take place at the hangar. Each interview will be less than 10 minutes and will be conducted by Chip with Erich (director) shooting the interview. Goal is gather some basic background and see who is comfortable on camera and who is comfortable in the interview process.

We are looking for derbyfolk from all areas - skaters, Refs, Coaches, SUPERfans, volunteers, derby widowers (husbands/wives/girlfriends).

YOU can RSVP to or call him at (503) 710-5423. It will be OK to just show up for audition, but RSVP's are appreciated in order to gauge number of interviews and time needed.

Wheels of Justice will be scrimmaging Friday night from 6-7:30 at this!


Anonymous said...

Cadavers...are any of you doing this?

DerbyFan said...

What films did this documentary film maker Chip Mabry do? I couldn't find any of his work anywhere...