Saturday, May 2, 2009

And Bragging Rights Go To?


For those of you following the awesome smack talk battle between Ringer and Slaybia, Ringer's Mamas squeeked by Slaybia's Princesses in the STDD inagural bout tonight. 

The bout had several lead swaps with the occassional 20 point stretch between teams but generally a close bout. With about enough time for a jam and half, the Princesses had a 76 to 75 lead over the Mamas. The jam started with the Princesses taking the Lead Jammer and calling the Jam before any points were scored. This attempt to play the clock down backfired. With enough to start one more jam, the Mamas took the Lead Jammer and popped for a quick 8 point to close with a 83 to 76 win.

And NO, no saggy uteruses fell out. Sicktown did have a good turn out and several Heathers' faithful made the quick trip to Corvallis to take in the bout. All in all, Sicktown Derby Dames, not only have a wicked awesome logo but put on a damn fine little bout. 

It was a nice derby fix to get me through to next weekend. 


George said...

We saw you there sitting at corner #2, JeLLyPiG. But you must have taken off immediately after the bout before we got a chance to talk to you. Did you hang around Corvallis for the after party?

I was so bummed! I was hoping for, and expecting the Princesses to win (especially in those last two minutes). It was painful to have victory snatched away in the last few seconds! Click here and here and here for photos of Coach Slaybia conferring with her team. And click here and here and here and here and here for other random bout photos. It was an exciting bout and I'll definitely be going back to Corvallis for more Sicktown action!

One thing that I would like to add is that Ringer mentioned that this was the first time that Sicktown has skated on a sport court. They previously skated on a concrete type surface that was quite bumpy in texture and didn't allow for quick stops (or stops at all). Apparently the sport court was a big improvement over what they were used to skating.

Slaybia said...

Final score was wrong by 4 points. Final mama jammer only got through pack twice for 4 points - jammer ref gave her points for initial pass. Score should have been 79 - 76.

All the girls had a great time even if Ringer was a poor winner and snubbed me during their victory lap. I will never forget this and will probably be writing really weak lineups when Ringer is jamming from now on.

izabell said...

BTW brick wrote saying they adjusted the score to 79/76. I couldn't remember if the mama's had one or two final scoring runs. I thought it was just one too, either way we won neener neener. Ha ha ha, seriously it was a great game, so close and awesome, great job ladies.

Slaybia cried for hours that it wasn't fair, she almost wrecked her car on the way home back to Portland she was so upset. I know it's hard to be a princess, mama's here for you sweetie.