Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Newest Heather: Butcher Block!

From Captain Slaybia:

Cadavers, please welcome the newest addition to the Heartless Heathers, Butcher Block!

Butcher joined the RCR Fresh Meat team in January and due to her hard work and dedication was drafted by us this month. You may have seen her skating in her debut bout on Saturday - tall, long legs and solid (Firecrotch in training).

Outside of derby Butcher is a mother, a diversified athlete, a lefty and a liberal so she fits right in with us wacky Heathers.

The team is very excited to have her and we can't wait to see her grow and progress with us!


The Coroner said...

Hey Butcher Block, I think I talked to you briefly in Oly. I'm glad you're a Heather now, and I'm sure you'll kick the ass they talk about so much in the Book of Proverbs!

the_mad_nader said...

Welcome Butcher Block! So glad to have you as the newest Heather, and I look forward to cheering for you for many bouts to come!

Interesting bit of history: before there even was a Heartless Heathers team, there was a short-lived 4th team that went by a name that shall not be repeated by me (at least not in polite company). One of the far more clever and kick@ss names that was bandied about for that 4th team: The Burnside Butchers!While I thought that was a great name, it was not to be and the "team whose name shall not be spoken" was dissolved. Once the ashes of that team had gone cold, the icy Heartless Heathers arose and as we all know ultimately became the greatest, and most decorated team in the Rose City Rollers!

But still, I wonder how things might have been different had the Burnside Butchers ever seen the light of day; and now that Butcher Block is a Heather, it's almost like a spiritual circle RCR Derby lore lives on...

Mercgirl said...

Welcome to the family!! We are mighty pleased to have a new Heather to cheer for. Can't wait for the bout. We will be there to cheer you on!