Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heartless Heathers v. High Rollers open thread

photo by Steven L. Price

JeLLyPiG, in another venue earlier this week, typed "Which High Rollers team will show up? I'm hoping it's that tough bunch of up and comers. I love watching the Heathers rise to a challenge."

I too would love to see the High Rollers bring it. They have a team loaded with talent, and they have made it all cohere at least once this season, when they took down the Betties in the seeding tourney.

I fully expect the Heathers to take the win in this one, though, if for no other reason than that, at this point in the season, they have a grab-bag of well-tested strategies they can deploy in any surprising combination they choose. Oh that and they have a team loaded with talent.

See you in the comments.


DancingScott said...

To be a High Rollers fan is to embark upon a roller coaster ride of jubilation and heartbreak, often in rapid succession.

They absolutely have the talent. I believe (and I expect disagreement) that in theory - on an evening when everything clicked into place consistently - they have the potential to beat the Heathers.

But that's the thing: consistency. Or rather, lack thereof. I'm not enough of a strategist to know if the problem is with strategies or whether it's something more intangible - something like "group energy". To me, it just seems like either they're "on" or they're "off." They might be "on" for a few jams of incredible play. And then immediately and totally fall apart.

I have no explanation.

I just hope that they figure out what they need to do to be more consistently "on", and give a hell of a fight this Saturday.

JeLLyPiG said...

Well, I am not going to offer any argument to Dancing Scott. I would prefer to see the High Rollers challenging the Heathers than some status quo bout on Saturday.

It's selfish really,I am making a real choice between staying in Vancouver to see Terminal City face off against those nasty Ratz or come home to see my team play.

So if I give up that TCRG vs Ratz bout, I want it to matter.

Oh yeah, I also have these wacky theories about complacency going into the "Play Offs", combined with wanting the June bouts to really be emotionally charged but I'll spare you that dribble.

I just hope both these teams bring their best game to the hanger on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I got money on the rollers with their 5 to 1 odds to win on Saturday. No place or Show for this one

George said...

Okay Mr. Wonderful, you're on! I’ll take some of that action! Say twenty bucks worth?

Dancing Scott, I love roller coasters. Especially when I’m intoxicated!

JeLLyPiG said...

Is gaming allowed on the blogo'sphere?

Anonymous said...

Maybe i should be a bout bookie. I might make some money on the exotic bets. like: 20 to 1 on first one ejected, or over unders, or first jammer to break 30 points in a game. The problem with betting on sporting events like this, is that you hope for the the weirdest situations to happen so that you cash in.
The only reason i would bet the HR's is because they got a full roster and they are probably gunna come out swingin knowin that they got a chance to pull an upset. the heathers got alot of injuries that they could use Saturday.
Its not a dead lock though. The heathers' still look better on paper, got alot superior skill and great coaching.
Enough though. I put the HH's at 2 to 1 favorites and the HR at 5 to 1 underdogs. It's gunna be a tight bout.
I'm a gambler and i always bet on the rollers, its gunna pay off one of these bouts. i still owe countless beers to the rest of the heathers men for my fun with the odds.

The Coroner said...

Last night I heard, from an unaffiliated party, a rumor of Goodie's return to the track.

JeLLyPiG said...

I actually heard that rumor too, at the BB vs HR bout from this woman that looked exactly like Goodie. Curious...LOL!