Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Just How We Roll

I'm still trying to decide whether I had the "Best Birthday" or the "Best Birthday Ever!". It was one hell of a derby weekend and the Semi's certainly didn't disappoint. I'll spare you most of my usual derby dribble and get to the point-

My dream season ending was always to have our lovely Heathers face off against those pesky High Rollers. A dream soon to be realized...

For two seasons now, those HRMF'rs have dealt our Heartless heroes losses. Don't waste your time arguing the 30 minute season opening silly bouts, you just sound like my fundamentalist relatives try to explain dinosaurs to me. The facts are really simple, in full fledged, 60 minute bouts, for the last two seasons the Heathers have been the Gang Green's Bitch. Check it out for yourself: 5/10/09 , 6/07/09 and lastly the heartbreaker that was 3/17/10 .

If I may be so bold as to suggest, '10 Heartless Heathers this streak needs to end this Saturday @ the Expo Center!

I won't bore you with my superstitious sports fan theories that connect this losing streak with that unholy, demonic and cursed T shirt that makes our boy George the poster child for this event. I will suggest that WE, the Icebox Cadavers go old skool and bring the noise!

You know what I'm say'n.

If for some bizarre reason you don't have tickets yet, they are doing Cheap Ticket Night at some fine drinking establishments. The link is.............................HERE


The Coroner said...

That was indeed a very fine birthday, birthday buddy.

And yeah, we're gonna bring that noise.

George said...

Oh I'll bring the noise alright! I’m feeling good, I'm feeling confident.

Sorry though, JeLLyPiG, but I gotta wear the cursed shirt. I was going to go old school and wear a vintage Heathers shirt, but I've received too many requests for the "cursed shirt" (some of those requests came from some of the Heathers), so I have to wear it. I gots to give my public what it wants. I even have a vintage Ice Box Cadavers shirt in pristine condition that I was going to bust out for this auspicious occasion, but then I was overwhelmed with requests for the half 'n half shirt.

HPV all the way!

JeLLyPiG said...

George, I was counting on it. Just promise me that if anything bad happens, you'll activate your Wonder Twin Powers with Skippy Steve!


Mercgirl said...

Aw George, I wouldn't have you any other way than just the way you are. HHPV my derby brother. It is time to break the curse. I think I will wear an extra layer of skirts and double lashes for the occasion. Save us a place on the jam line.

George said...

So I guess that the "curse of the shirt" lives on. I need to get the other half back from Skippy Steve and join them back together to break the curse!