Sunday, June 7, 2009

High Rollers roll over the Heathers, 123 to 81 Post Mortem

Lightning strikes twice? This metaphor offered by the announcers at the beginning of last night's bout seemed to ring true and stuck with me well after the bout.

Within the first five jams, the High Rollers strategy was not only clear but working well. It was nothing new or radical but it was well executed. The "Quick Jam", a plan that relies on one key component, Lead Jammer status and the High Rollers had it more often than not. You could see right off the line they had a plan to establish key blocking positions in the front of the pack and did so successfully, time and time again.

It's no secret that the High Rollers have tremendous Jammer talent. Their roster not only includes consistent performers like Bunny and Bumps but has been augmented with the addition of White Flight this year. Though getting through the pack is the Jammer's job, that job is made much easier if you have control of the packs speed and positioning. The High Rollers did an incredible job on controlling the pack.

Skatrina and Layla served as the generals out there, communicating, controlling, even shoving their fellow High Rollers blockers into position. More often than not the "Pack Monsters" that are Heidi Go Seek and Mercyful Kate needed very little guidance, were exactly where they wanted to be and did an excellent job of tying up our Heartless Jammers and laying out some great blocks.

Once the High Rollers established a 20 point lead they did a great job of holding onto and building upon it.

Despite some great jams by Ringer, some heroic jams by Scratcher points were tough to come by for the Heathers. Managing penalties was also troublesome for our ladies in blue, which ended up giving the High Rollers quite a few Power Jams.

As for the blocking crew in blue, D-Day, Soul Train and Ruby stand out in my mind because throughout the bout they fought hard, continued to make adjustments in their play and most important kept their poise. Hell the whole damn team did a great job of keeping their poise through the bout and not acting out on the frustration they had to be feeling as this bout slipped away from them.

So, here we are. The ’09 season drawing to a close, one HH bout left, knowing the team we love so much is not in position for a top two ranking. Sucks don’t it. So what helps us make sense of a season that started with so much momentum?

For me, I want to see the GnR figure it out and breakdown the Betties next week. That would give the Heathers another shot at the “Nemesis”, a fitting close win or lose. I also really need to see the High Rollers continue to win. They need to seize this opportunity and become the ‘09 Champs.

How do you see it?


Anonymous said...

It's 'Mercyful Kate'.

JeLLyPiG said...

F'king Eh right it is! And it's been corrected. Thanks Stranger...

Anonymous said...

Another tough pill to swallow. Though I share the same concellation joy in the victory of the High Rollers, it is sad to think that this year's finals will not involve our beloved Heathers.

It seemed to be a foregone conclusion early on that the High Rollers were going to be dominant throughout the bout. After the first two jams, Heathers fans were fairly certain that they were going to be in for a long evening. The constricting pack play of the High Rollers was as impressive as I've seen in any of the bouts I have attended. White Light was especially impressive, as was Bunny, in shredding the pack, while the HR blockers made jamming extremely difficult for the Heathers.

Once again, it seemed that the Heathers jammers were on tight rotation - due mainly to injuries and retiring players - which didn't seem to help their situation. Whereas it is great to see Ringer, Scratcher, and Viagrrra jam, a set of fresh legs may have helped in some instances. Sol Train did well at keeping herself out of penalty trouble, despite some over-active whistles in the first half (in my opinion).

As it became more and more clear that a comeback just wasn't going to happen, it would have been nice to see Butcher Block get some more time on the track. There were a few jams in the second half when she came out to block, only to be pulled back. If there is some rebuilding that is going to need to go on, this might have been an opportunity to get her some additional track time.

On a more personal note, we had the *ahem* pleasure of sitting next to some of the G'n'R team during the bout. Unfortunately, a few seemed very determined to ruin the evening for any nearby Heathers fans (myself included). Just some very unclassy comments from a few skaters that really weren't appropriate, and in some instances, were totally uncalled for. Whereas I would have liked the Heathers to be rolling against the Betties later this month, there is no way in the world I will root for this year's G'n'R team - even against the Betties.

Hopefully there will be some redemption later this month for our Heathers.

Anonymous said...

How many ladies were on the roster at the begining of the season and how many now. HH have lost alot of talent to injuries. Gotta think about rebuilding and getting some of that confidence back to be a force next season.

George said...

"...there is no way in the world I will root for this year's G'n'R team - even against the Betties."

I couldn't have stated it better if I tried. My sentiments exactly.

hater said...

I don't think it was GNR that was obnoxious. I think it was me who was sitting with them. I've encountered an obnoxious Heathers' fan or two in my time. Eh, whatever.

Anonymous said...

For the record, it was obviously a skater from G'n'R sitting next to us - easily identified by her name on her shirt (not to mention, we have seen her skate before). Furthermore, there is a difference between an obnoxious fan - who is not directly part of the league - and a skater from another team in the league. Do things ocassionaly get obnoxious? Yup. Out of hand? Sometimes. But some of the comments were offensive. Razzing someone is something, but this went one step beyond. No matter, though. Just some venting. Though I do stand by the assertion that there is no way in the world I will root for them against the Betties next week.

JeLLyPiG said...

Um...hater, do you sit in the ViP section because that was probably me! LoL!

Honestly,the "fan" factor is what it is. It's the nature of any sporting event. Let's not lose sight of the fact that we all love the same game. The Hangar does suck ass for fan section seating but that too, sort of is what it is.

From my perspective, it feels like I always end up surround by people rooting for "the other" team and it ends up being a trade off. We seem to take turns being obnoxious. Usually, somewhere near the end of the second half they are asking me "Why?" this or "What the hell happened there?". Because at the core of it all we are both fans of the sport first and foremost.

I do think that Skater's being troublesome in the stands is not good for the league and attendance. So if the league is looking at the various reasons that attendance is being adversely effected and ways to make the bouts more Fan Friendly, they might want to think on that one. Venting or not...

the_mad_nader said...

The High Rollers skated another phenomenal bout. Amazing defense, and as JeLLyPiG pointed out, an ever-growing cadre of solid to great jammers. Bunny, Bumps, Sully, White Flight, Wreck - each played a huge part in the very balanced jamming attack.

I believe that with this bout the High Rollers have taken that final step to prove they are a LEGITIMATE contender for the championship. They have proven that they can control a bout, wire-to-wire. They built a lead and protected it the entire way. It's somewhat easier to remain competitive when the score is close, but to build a cushion and keep your foot on the gas - that's impressive!

I got a chance to speak to someone with intimate knowledge of the High Rollers, and that person gave me some tremendous insight. The High Rollers this year are not trying to emulate any other team (RCR, regional, or National), but rather are creating their own identity. That has always been a strength of the Heathers in the past, and I believe that's why they were so hard to scout and prepare for. Now the High Rollers have developed that trait too, which makes them a dangerous foe indeed!

I know this isn't the High Rollers blog, so I'll get back to the Heathers right away, but let me throw one more bit of love their way - what a gracious bunch of ladies they are. Top to bottom! There could have been a lot of gloating from this team, beating the 2-time champs TWICE especially after so many lean years. But all I saw was happiness and pride in their win, and true grace in victory - Props, mad props!

Respect to Mr. Wonderful for acknowledging the fact our Heathers have had more than their share of injuries and retirements this year...but that's the nature of sports and you gotta deal with it. Perhaps the Heathers should have spread the track time out over their full 15-skater roster a little better than they did. Not only would that allow "key skaters" to get a breather, but it would spread the minor penalties out rather than continually rack them up on the heavy rotation skaters. I'm sure it was not lost on anyone how often those heavy rotation skaters were sent to the box.

I'm sure the team recognized this and will be working the kinks out as they prepare for their final bout of the season later this month. Remember, this is the team that won the 2008 Championship based largely on their depth, so they know how to build a balanced team.

So, what about looking forward? Next week I have taken an oath of neutrality and won't be rooting for either team. There would obviously be something karmic about the 3rd/4th place teams from the last two years battling for the 1st/2nd spots this year, but all I REALLY want to see is the two teams that skate the BEST to make it! Thus far GnR has NOT shown me anything to make me think they can beat the Betties but, as they say, that's why the play the games.

I CAN say that I know who I'll be cheering for at the Championships - if you can't guess, look at the shirt George wore on 6/6 for a hint!

the_mad_nader said...

Since this was brought up in the comments, I really want to address this (even though it doesn't really pertain to directly to the Heathers).

This comment from Anonymous June 8, 2009 8:58 AM concerned me:

"Just some very unclassy comments from a few skaters that really weren't appropriate, and in some instances, were totally uncalled for.

I think JeLLyPiG's comments on fans and skaters in the audience are dead accurate. Sports fans buying tickets pay for the right to be loud and obnoxious. There still are bounds as far as appropriate fan behavior, but it is an entirely different ball of wax from what SHOULD be expected of SKATERS (who represent the league) in the audience.

I would strongly urge Anonymous to send a comment to the league via the RCR website, with specifics about the incident and comments that went over the line. I'm NOT saying you need to "name names" if you don't want to escalate it that far, but I DO believe that the league needs to hear this type of thing so they can do a better job of policing their own.

I have been a fan of the Hangar bouts, for a variety of reasons, but for the first time EVER I was "shushed" throughout the entire 1st half. I rarely sit in the bleachers (Hangar or Expo), but at LEAST at the Expo each team has a fan section so those who don't understand that it is a SPORTING EVENT and FANS will be loud (and occasionally obnoxious) can move SOMEWHERE ELSE.

I was sitting directly below the HH banner, yet had to live with finger taps on the shoulder for over 30 mins ("why do you have to say 'Heathers' 15 times, just say it once"). I don't know what could be done about this, but I did find that highly irritating!

The Coroner said...

Thanks to JeLLyPiG for delivering recaps to the blog!

All praise to the High Rollers!

One must note that Rob Lobster's presence as HR coach may have helped coalesce in a team what Captains Layla and Mess had already worked so hard to mold out of all that raw talent.

It is a brilliant move by HRMF going into the playoffs to bring in Lobster.

Also, it was a delight to see Mess return to the track and deliver some tough, hard hits.

I always love watching the Heathers skate, and as JP has noted, they never lost their cool, and they were as gracious in defeat as the High Rollers were in victory.

It was good to see She-Rex return to the track, and to get another gander at Butcher Block's skills. Mick U Cry is an incredible rookie, and with that much young talent and some strong veterans remaining in the ranks, coupled with the Heathers' commitment to depth and breadth, next year should be a very fun year for us Cadavers.

And now we have June 27 to look forward to, and no matter how the semi on June 13 shakes out, that should be an entertaining night of Roller Derby.

Personal notes on Saturday: The DeRange's sat with our crew and gave us fans some good schooling on rules and strategy. I got a nice wink from Hater and later got more laughs from her bellowing (she is a fan now, so she can yell pretty much whatever she wants, I guess).

Thanks so much to the Heathers for working and fighting so hard this year. More to come!


hater said...

Well, in the end, the best part is this: they all root for each other but the underdogs are usually the favorite. As derby is a 'counter-culture' type sport, I like to think the crowd more tolerant but, then again, this IS Portland and hurt feelings are a no-no.
Watching Mick and Mobi was really the best part of the Heathers' this bout. Oh, yes, and the return of GTS.

DancingScott said...

Just thought I'd jump in here to mention that the High Rollers just posted the cycle pics to their website. Check this stuff out!

Gwen'nich Mean Time said...

Oh. Wow. So sad to read some of these comments- especially those by people I have always thought of as friends and fans. What a bummer...

We are all in it for the sport, and to cheer for one another. GnR cheered the HH when they were introduced. Many of us skate with HH members on WoJ/AoA and have great respect for all players.

And since I was sitting with GnR, and not one of us had a jersey on, I have no idea who you are referencing. We all know that The Harmacist can be a little loud and rough. But, she's not a GnR, and she's an equal opportunity hater. That doesn't mean that everyone sitting around her agrees with what she is screaming or how she is cheering.

What a shame, and a sad discussion thread. Wish I hadn't read it.

Gwen'nich Mean Time said...

Just to be clear- skaters do not get into Hangar bouts for free. We pay $12 to attend just like everyone else. Yes, we are ticket-buying fans and representatives of the league at the same time. A tough line to straddle.

JeLLyPiG said...

GMT, Let me get this straight...

Skaters have to work their asses off to qualify to play on a team? Pay to be on a team? Give up their personal time to practice, promote the league and make it to their own bouts? Risk their bodies in practice and bouts for a sport they love?

AND THEY still have to pay to see other teams bouts?

Thanks for reminding everyone that attending bouts ain't a free ride.

I don't know Anonymous or what they experienced at the bout. I do know I read in other online venues, people whining about how make the sport more mainstream. If that's a priority for the League here, being mindful of the fan experience might be something to think about.

Frankly, I'm fine with knowing that not everyone can stomach the rowdiness of a bout. After all, this ain't Aunt Connie's Roller Derby...

the_mad_nader said...

GMT - thanks for chiming in here and reminding (or informing) everyone that derby girls DO have to buy (either with volunteer hours or real $$) their way into bouts.

I'm also sorry you're getting a bummer reading this thread, and hope you're not misinterpreting what seems to have been said in the comments.

To clarify: I did NOT have any negative experiences at this bout with any derby girls. I was "shushed" by what I believe was a first-time fan. I understand that they may have found my chants and cheering too loud or obnoxious, but I don't feel it is my obligation as a ticket-buying fan to quiet down.

My understanding is bouts are PG-13, yet I used no obscenities (well, after I moved I did yell bull $hit at one ref for what I believed to be a really bad call - talked to the ref afterwards and don't think he took offense). And I DO NOT boo for any team or skater, even if I don't like what I'm seeing.

I have seen at this bout, and every other bout where some teams are not skating, derby girls in the audience cheering for one team or another. That is PERFECTLY FINE! You are ALLOWED to be fans, and if you want to wear colors or cheer for one team over another, that is absolutely your right!

I do think booing is a little uncool, but especially troublesome if it's done by a skater, who like it or not DOES represent the league even when they're not skating - and certainly abusive, obscene, or disrespectful comments from league members is something I think the league should NOT tolerate.

Again, I DID NOT experience any of that at this bout, though to be frank I HAVE experienced things like that at prior bouts this season, and I have brought it to the RCR's attention.

If Anonymous June 8, 2009 8:58 AM did experience rude or "over-the-line" behavior from a derby girl in the audience (and he is the ONLY commenter who has made such a claim on this thread), then I think the league should hear about it, don't you?

I can speak only for myself here, but I hope that RCR is, as JeLLyPiG puts it, "mindful of the fan experience". I too can put up with quite a lot of rowdiness, and the level at which it crosses the line IS different when it's coming from a fan vs an RCR league member.

Finally, my oath of neutrality concerning the next bout has NOTHING to do with any of these types of concerns. The fact is I've rooted for both GnR and the Betties this season, and right now all I want to see is a good competitive bout on Saturday, with the team that works the hardest winning!

My sentiment that I didn't think GnR would win was a purely objective assessment based on what I've seen of the teams thus far this season. Of course I want to see both GnR and the Betties skate well; that makes for better derby!

To that end, I wish GnR the best of luck and hope you give the Betties all they can handle and more!

Anonymous said...

Gwen'nich, sorry to have bummed you out. Where most of the G'n'R squad weren't wearing shirts displaying their names, some were - not to mention that we've seen you guys skate enough to know who is who. Again, I know that things get rowdy at bouts, its one of the reasons I like going. However, to have to listen to endless comments slamming the personal lives and choices of skaters got old. My reaction would have been the same no matter which squad or skater was being slammed. There are appropriate forums for certain comments, those comments in that venue didn't seem right.

If the skater in question had been yelling at someone for missing a block, or not giving full effort, that's cool. I do the same thing. But for loudly discussing what skaters do off track, on their own time is something completely different.

I do agree that paying to attend a bout, and being a skater in the league may be a hard line to straddle. I have been fortunate enough to sit next to many skaters through different bouts - their insights are always awesome, and have given me a much greater appreciation for finer strategies of the sport. But endlessly ragging on the personal lives of the skaters out on the track just came off as trashy.

For the record, Hater, my feelings aren't hurt at all. Never were. I just don't like to see reasons for fans to have reason not to come back. Times are tough, and money is tight. I would think that making a positive memorable experience for the fans would be a priority - to help keep the league afloat financially during tougher economic times.

Apologies to JeLLyPiG for jacking the discussion of the bout. I am still looking forward to one more Heathers bout this season.

Gwen'nich Mean Time said...

Thanks everyone for sharing your perspectives. We all obviously had very different experiences last weekend. And it is clear that each of us only want what is best for the league, the sport, the fans and the skaters. Sometimes it's tough to negotiate between the constituents of this sport we all love so much.

The defamation of a team on a public forum is what made me sad. When I opened this post, I expected to be reading a rally cry for the Heathers, and positive words about all the HH and HR did on Saturday (of which there is PLENTY to discuss), but read something very different. None of the GnR I was sitting with had jerseys or GnR shirts on- so I’m still stumped. But maybe it’s best to let it go.

The HH gave it their all last weekend, and it just wasn't enough. Particularly when you are down a few key skaters due to injuries. (Geez- GnR knows how that goes...) The HR played a fabulous game - one of their best – and seem to be unstoppable at this point. I’m looking forward to the last few weeks of the season and seeing how it all plays out. Then, onto the travel team season! The time that we, as a league, really come together to play our best and to represent Rose City.

Dim Bulb said...

GMT, thanks for chiming in. I've sat by other players during bouts and have never heard things like what Anonymous has said. Derby is the only sport I follow or watch and it's mostly because it's amateur and all of the skaters are so supportive of each other. You see skaters from differnet teams joking with each other all the time on the track between jams. If one skater was saying crap about another one, it's clearly not the norm from what I've seen.

As a rabid Heather's fan Saturday's loss was a total drag to watch. The HR's did skate amazingly well and deserve the praise everyone's given them. They're clearly a talented team and not the same team from the season opener.

I thought the Heather's did really well closing the gap in the latter half of the first period (they seemed to get on trackj after the first ten minutes). They were only down by 17 and it seemed they were getting ready to come from behind and win. Unfortunately the HR's put more points up in the first two jams and were able to dominate the second half. But I never felt like the Heathers or their fans gave up. Injuries were clearly an issue (we need you Sump Pump!!) but there were great performances on Saturday by the entire team.

People have already mentioned Ringer, Scratcher, Viagrrra, Sol Train and others, but I was amazed by Teq Kill Ya's speed in her one (or was it two) jams. I also would have liked to see more of Butcher Block. And it was good to see Goody as well. Clearly the Heathers still have a deep and talented bench and I look forward to when they regroup and exploit that talent.


Anonymous said...

I guess its time to chime in, because after a few days of analyzing my thoughts and separating out the feelings involved, I have a few things to add.
The High Rollers played an amazing game of derby. I just couldn't seem to knock that damn White Flight down enough on Sat...HR were buzzing around me like damn flies! I absolutely love this game and love to play with the Heathers. Amazing talent is here, and yes there were many injuries and retiring skaters this season, but that is the nature of sports. We can't expect to win all the time because you can never count anyone else out. Thats what the league did to the Heathers the first season, if I've learned my history correctly. The HR absolutely deserved to win.
I am new in the league and being drafted to the number one team in the league(Yes, we're still numero uno in my book), I expected a different level of support at bouts. I expected all of us to cheer for each other's wins, rally each other when down, and be a supportive environment all around. I would say RCR is absolutely that environment I just described normally, but what I experienced Saturday and the last couple of Heather's bouts to be honest was not what I expected. It hurt to be taunted by women who are your league mates, friends, and travel teammates. I didn't go to the after party because I was truly hurt from that experience and tired as hell! Yes, I passed out before a beer was consumed. Nobody wants to believe your friends and teammates would do that to others, but the fact is it did happen.
That being said I totally lost it that day as well. When stakes are raised the pressure to win really amps up passion for derby & the team you are cheering for/against and double that if you've had a couple pbrs....and I know roller girls like to drink. So, after all this processing, I say to hell with the taunting. They were as filled with adrenaline as I was and deserve to let it out however they wish. Bring it on fans, because your rabid response to defending our honor is what drives us to work harder, play smarter, and KICK ASS at the next bout! If you didn't have other fans to contend with, would the bout be nearly as fun? haha. Heather Por Mother F-in Vida!

The Coroner said...

"Anonymous June 9, 2009 2:35 PM"

Is that you, Mick?

Thanks for posting! Glad you're a Heather!

And if that's not Mick posting, whoever you are: Glad you're a Heather!

Anonymous said...

O ya...thats me. I don't know how to create a profile so I'm not dropping anon notes. haha


Anonymous said...

Agree with the first Anonymous (was it Mercyful Kate?) that a set of fresh legs could have helped. Why did the HH only play a select few jammers? Like Dim Bulb said, Teqillya has good speed, why wasn't she played, and maybe more of Sol Train or other jammers? I'm sure there were more than just three jammers who weren't injured. Either way, the High Rollers really brought a good game, so congratulations to them. Hopefully the haters stop and all the competitors in the league can get along.

Mercgirl said...

Mick, we are SUPER proud to have you as a Heather and as a RABID fan and defender of your honor I tend to scream myself hoarse and chew my nails down to the quick at every bout.
I would have liked to have seen my team win, sure, but I am super proud of you all just the same. HPV!!

izabell said...

part #1:

I feel the need to defend my honor here and that said i'll try to keep it brief (I didn't keep it brief, sorry). I come from a sports background and my goal is to win. Roller derby is the craziest game I've ever played and i've pretty much played any sport i could as a girl from team sports to individual sports. No sport that I can think of do you ever play offense and defense at the same time other than roller derby - and w/ our penalty box a bench coach also has diminished control over who's on the floor together at any given time.

Come game day I am a player first and foremost and I am honored that we have such a strong and amazing bench crew that holds us together so well and is able to adjust lineups to the situations at hand without me having to think about it as captain. When I jam I can't even really watch the game, I just sit there and rest between jams and let them know if I can go in or not when i'm asked. And believe me I do say no to the bench crew at times when I know i am not able or ready. Our bench was awesome saturday, thank all of you, there are many, and each of you played crucial roles and kept us cool and did your best to put the best combo of people on the floor when they needed to be out there.

If you know me you also know that I am a stats geek. I/we not only look at stats post game but watch them during the game. Regarding jamming, here are the facts/stats (although these are unofficial):

High Rollers jammed 5 jammers the entire night. (Plus layla who jammed once in a jammerless jam).
First half they had a 3 jammer rotation w/ one "relief" jammer (don't mean this disrespectfully!), Wreck, Bunny, Whitey were their top 3 w/ Sully next in line. Wreck & Bunny jammed 6 times each and Whitey 5 the first half. Second half they changed their top 3 jammer rotation to Buster, Bunny, Whitey. At the end of the night Bunny jammed 12 times and Whitey 10 as their top 2 jammers of the night.

Heathers jammed 7 jammers, although Goodie only jammed once
Within the first 9 jams we jammed 5 different jammers
Ringer & Scratcher jammed a total of 10 times each for the night. Everyone else jammed between 7 and 3 times (other than goodie). Jammers were: Ringer, Scratcher, Vfalls, TeqKillya, Sol, Ruby & Goodie

Overall top scores of the night from both teams:
39 - Ringer
33 - Bunny
29 - Scratcher
29 - Whitey
23 - Madame Bumps

izabell said...

part 2:

As you can see and comparatively to the HIght Rollers, the Heathers didn't do anything different from how the High rollers played their jammers. Their "top" jammers of the night played the same as ours and scored pretty much the same as ours as well. For derby jamming 5 times a period is excellent for a jammer, it's not too much and most jammers can do more but it's a sweet spot to keep them rested. Jamming 12 times is pretty much tops for most normal jammers (and then there was Frida Beater - OMG, just paint a star on her helmet but I digress). Tired jammers get penalties and go to the box.

During the game the bench crew adjusts lineups to field the best people at the moment for the situation. For jammers they watch who is scoring and who is not going to the box and from there adjust the lineups as we go. Ringer and Scratcher were putting up the points and staying out of the box this particular night, doesn't always happen that way, didn't last bout. Other jammers just weren't able to put points on the board for whatever reason and you cannot blame the jammers individually for this, it's a team effort and things happen. For example, Viagrrra had a phenomenal game last game in May and really put the points on the board for us then. Saturday things didn't go her way for whatever reason and you can't blame anyone for that, it's just the way it happened that night. A good bench crew will adjust to how players are doing and I believe our bench did just that and did a good job of it. Some skaters play better first half than second, some have bad first halves and get pulled and then do great second and play more. It's a dynamic game and we play to win, unfortunately on saturday things didn't come together for us and the win didn't happen.

We did our best with the time we had to prepare and the team we now are, and I for one had a really good time on Saturday; our team and bench had a really positive vibe before, during and after. I am sad to hear all the ticky tacky about it - and hope that this helps you understand a little bit of what goes on/how things work behind the scenes so to speak.

I'd like to also add that Butcher played in the last 2 bouts - and I think she's thankful to have the opportunity to get to play being so new to the team, most fresh draft picks don't get to play so soon after being drafted. I am very proud of her and I am VERY excited to have her on the team. You better watch out for her in the future!

Lastly, I'd like to thank you fans for all your support. I am very sad we lost but also know we will turn this around and use the loss to fuel our fires and drive for total domination in the future. Don't give up on us, we will overcome and we need your continued help and support to do so!

MercyfulKate said...

I did not leave the comment above about 'fresh legs'...I'd like to add that our Captain, Mess jammed in the final jam of the game.

izabell said...

Thanks Kate - I did miss Mess! So change that to Goodie, Layla and Mess who all jammed once. All other jammers of the night for both teams jammed 3 or more times.

izabell said...

OH KRAP - another edit/error! HR changed their jammer rotation second half to Bumps, Whitey & Bunny (& Sully) - NOT Buster - Buster never jammed.

MercyfulKate said...

No problem ;)

Ya can't forget the Messy.

Anonymous said...

Buster Jammed once in a jammerless jam situation

izabell said...

I missed that one too - sorry! You are right, first period Jam 19 Bunny & Vfalls both went to the box and there was a jammerless jam and Buster jammed in Jam 20. Thx. So lets re-tally them stats:

HR jammed 5 core jammers and 3 additional jammers that jammed once each (Layla, Buster, Mess), for a total of 8.

Brian if you are on here, I'd love to see some "official" stats, hint hint.

Anonymous said...

You mean derby keeps stats? Not just fouls and scroes? Can we see them, ir is it a secret? We usually hand out our stats in soccer to all the players, I think most sports make them bublic. What stats do you keep? Come on, sports fans aren't going to get hooked unless we can follow stats.

izabell said...

Yes we keep stats and they just keep getting better and better every year. Although since we/RCR home teams field 15 players rather than the standard 14 it makes it difficult for our stat people to use the standard WFTDA stat sheets. And then players go and break em w/ 32 point jams, ha ha (self-indulged plug, couldn't resist).

The stats we keep are mostly based on points. We keep all the jammer stuff like the # of times jammed, % of lead, total points then it gets broken down into things like JPD (jammer point differential, your points scored minus the points scored against you). The stats also show the points scored in each scoring run, they are pretty detailed.

We also have point stats for pivots and blockers so we can see how "effective" a blocker was when blocking so to speak, how many points were scored against or for your team when a player was blocking. Now in any given game these all have to be taken w/ a grain of salt obviously, sometimes bizarre things happen that skew stats and the number of times a player is on the floor also has an impact.

We also have blocking/action stats but I feel like these are subjective stats. We have a limited # of people watching girls for these and they mark down when they saw something so you can certainly believe if it's marked down it happened. But, the game is so dynamic with players switching out every minute or so it's gotta be a daunting task to try and mark down every block so I feel a great deal are probably missed. Many a player that I know killed it on a particular night have been marked w/ zero to very little action stats. I think it would take a cadre of stat keepers to keep accurate action stats is all. The point stats are the most "reliable" stats in my opinion. (Not knocking anyone, thank you all for all your help on stats!)

We have stats published from the january bout and I think possibly from February as well. After that we don't have any official published stats yet this season. Our stats crew are volunteers and have full time jobs of their own, they are amazing and do what they can. I do think it would be great if we could somehow figure out a way to get our stats to our fans, you all could start fantasy derby right?!

(and now you know, I really am a stats geek!)
~(Izabell) Ringer

JeLLyPiG said...

Ringer...You read my mind! I have said for quite sometime that Roller Derby would make the Ultimate Fantasy League Sport! Of course, when I say that, most of my friends just look at me like I'm drunk...

Anonymous said...

a response to anonymous who had a problem with a GNR skater/fan. I am new to the league and new to GNR, but have been an avid fan since 2007, driving 2 hours to see expo bouts. I alway root for the underdog. My first bout with GNR ever was agains the Heathers and I had HH fans screaming "you suck" and "learn to skate" at me. Yes, it was distracting, yes it hurt my feelings a bit. But I didn't hold it against the fans or the team. I know it is just part of sports in general for fans to get all riled up. Tensions are high and things get heated. If you really felt so offended perhaps you could have a brief converstion directly to the offending person. That's what we do with our kids. It works wonders. Leaving passive/aggressive comments on a public forum usually doesn't do so well.
lots of love,

The Coroner said...

"We have stats published from the january bout and I think possibly from February as well. After that we don't have any official published stats yet this season. Our stats crew are volunteers and have full time jobs of their own, they are amazing and do what they can. I do think it would be great if we could somehow figure out a way to get our stats to our fans, you all could start fantasy derby right?!"

I don't care about fantasy derby, and no disrespect intended to anyone, but a raw, unaudited stats text or spreadsheet file of stats could be uploaded for public consumption in about 10 seconds. Fans been asking for such things for about four years, and the technology has been available for about twenty years.

Part of the reason for militating for intra-league derby blogs was greater sport transparency, and I'm sorry to say I haven't delivered it and neither has the league. Simple stats uploads would go a long way.

Gwen'nich Mean Time said...

Ringer! I love you and your derby nerd ways... I get all sparkly inside when I read stats too!

George said...

You think that you had it bad dealing with obnoxious fans that night? I sat in front of Mercgirl. She was so drunk and loud and obnoxious. I politely mentioned something to her about it, but she punched me in the parking lot and then stole my wallet. I still have a black eye!

izabell said...

p.s. I am working w/ Swag to get what I have for stats uploaded. Stay tuned!

Layla Smackdown said...

I want to thank everyone for the incredibly kind and complimentary words bestowed upon the High Rollers. It's no surprise to me either, considering the wonderful history the High Heathers have together.

George, you may wanna work on your sewing skills, I bet you could make a pretty penny in the coming weeks with your t-shirts.

High Heathers Por Vida

bloodclottia said...

Wow, after reading all the post about opinionated skaters, I felt bad. I know I’m off the hook when I watch derby and I say all kinds of stuff that could be taken wrong. If anyone sat next to me and listened to me run my mouth, I apologize!

As a skater I respect ALL league members on a human level. And, if you’re a skater who cannot stand me, I hope you get all fired up and yell at me while im on the track. (I respect the passion in this) one thing I appreciate about derby is I might hate you on the track, but it’s only on the track…


George said...

Curse you Blood Clottia!