Saturday, June 26, 2010

“Carolina” you say? “No problem” I say!

Out of the 34 jams that made up this bout, the Wheels of Justice had lead jammer all but a handful of times. The Wheels relied heavily upon Cadillac, Honey Hellfire, Sully Skullkicker, and Soulfearic Acid as their jammers. They had no problems breaking through Carolina’s defense. I mean no problems whatsoever. Many times our jammers would be just getting into turn #2, and the lead jammer whistle would sound. To the contrary, the Carolina Roller Girls seemed unable to break through our blockers at all. Carolina’s Holly Wanna Crackya and DVS were two of the only jammers that were successful at scoring any points. When the halftime buzzer sounded, we were ahead 107 to 12 (no, that’s NOT a typo). The second half proved to be more of the same. There wasn’t a huge amount of penalties on either side. As a matter of fact, the lion’s share of the penalty box time was done by the Wheels. When the final buzzer sounded, Wheels stood victorious at 189 to 31.

Two other bouts this day stand out in my mind as being a bit closer. The D.C. Rollergirls took on the Nashville Rollergirls in a sanctioned bout this morning. This was a good matchup because both teams have a fast, agile style. The pace of the pack was incredible. The score was close the entire bout until the last seven minutes, where Nashville pulled ahead to win it 117 to 86. An even better bout than that was Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota. During that entire bout the score didn’t differ by more than a few points, and at halftime the score stood at 52 to 53 Minnesota. The last 12 minutes saw Tampa up by 17 points or so. Then, in an amazing final 1:45 left, Minnesota staged a dramatic comeback to beat Tampa 98 to 96! The crowd went wild, to say the least.

Our old friend Slaybia is here with her Bay Area team. They destroyed Rhode Island 234 to 65. In other interesting news, Gotham’s Fresh Meat (referred to their Meat Packing District) took on Jersey’s first-string all star team, and CRUSHED them! Fresh Meat beating an all star team??? How often do you see that?

I learned that tomorrow’s scrimmage against Philly is at 8:00 AM Eastern time, not at 10:00 AM as I originally heard. So I’ll be getting up extra early to make my way to the Sportsplex to catch that one, for sure. Tomorrow’s sanctioned bout against Boston takes place at 6:30 PM (that’s 3:30 PM Portland time). So tune in here to watch our Wheels take on the Boston Derby Dames live. For now, I need to get some rest because I have another exciting 13 hours of derby tomorrow!!!


Mercgirl said...

Terrific coverage George. Wish I was there with ya instead of where I am right now.

George said...

Just a quick update on that 8:00 AM closed scrimmage - we won!!! Final score was Wheels 120 to Philly 88. It was a GREAT bout! I'll write more details about it later, but for now I just wanted to get the word out that we kicked some Philly butt!