Friday, June 25, 2010

How Swede it is!

The first day here in Feasterville started off with two evening bouts. The first of which was a regulation bout between Philly’s Independence Dolls and Gotham’s Wall Street Traitors. It was a close bout early on, but Philly’s defense proved to be quite strong. Philly was pulling ahead at halftime, and the score was Independence Dolls 47 to Wall Street Traitors 22. In the second half, Wall Street’s penalties were killing them, and the Independence Dolls’ defense was even stronger. Anne Frankenstein of the Wall Street Traitors put forth an amazing performance, but in the end it still wasn’t enough to save them from a 62 to 112 defeat at the hands of the Independence Dolls.

Next up was the Bout that I was anticipating to be a bit more competitive. Windy City took on Gotham in a sanctioned bout. Swede Hurt, who used to play for Rat City, is now playing for Gotham. She was no slouch when she played for Rat City, but she has really groomed her jamming skills while playing for Gotham. As a matter of fact, Gotham has a host of amazing jammers. Carmen Monoxide and Bonnie Thunders racked up the points jam after jam. But it was Swede Hurt that got the nod from me for the MVP of this bout. The halftime score of Gotham 86, Windy City 14 not only underscores Gotham’s jamming skills, but also their amazing blocking abilities. Beyonslay is back playing for Gotham, and she is blocking better than ever! Windy City’s Jackie Daniels put forth an amazing performance (especially in the second half), but in the end it didn’t save them from a 191 to 50 loss to Gotham.

Tomorrow (Saturday 6/26) the Wheels of Justice take on the Carolina Roller Girls in a sanctioned bout. Also, I learned from Rob Lobster tonight that our Wheels are going to take on Philly in a 10:00 AM scrimmage on Sunday. It’s not on the schedule, and it won’t be on any webcast, but I’ll be there reporting on it. So keep checking back here to get exclusive details on that bout! Until then, let the derby freedom ring!


kanna said...

Great post hubby! Keep the updates coming.

Wish I was there with you!

Mercgirl said...

Fabulous reporting! Keep us updated and have a lovely time.

Kirsten said...

George, this is wonderful, Keep up the splendid work since my schedule conflicts with the RCR bouts all weekend. Big love to you!!!


JeLLyPiG said...

I may be a bummed, not so closeted Windy fan, but I f#@king love what you are doing George.

George said...

Yes, JeLLyPiG, I know that you're a huge Windy City fan. I was thinking about you during the bout. They're a great team, but Gotham is on fire right now! Kanna, you are totally missing some great derby. It sucks that you couldn't be here. You are DEFINITELY coming next year! You would LOVE this place. MercGirl, sitting in the crash zone isn't the same without you.

The "afterparty" setup is incredible. There's a giant swimming pool here at the venue. Everyday from noon until 8:00 PM there is a pool party with DJs, grilled food, and beer! Then the afterparty moves to a local bar. Hell, the non-stop afterparty in itself is worth the airfare!

I just watched a nail-biter of a bout between Nashville and D.C. It was great!