Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WOJ Autumn 2009 Roster

Via Facebook, this impressive line-up:

Angry Wrench (captain)
Megahurtz (captain)
Axl Blows
Blood Clottia
Hurricane Skatrina
J.K. Rolling *
Layla Smackdown
Leet Speaking Missle
Licker 'n' Split
Madame Bumps A Lot
MaRollin' Monroe
Mick U Cry
Rhea Derange
Scratcher in the Eye
Sol Train
Sully Skullkicker*
White Flight

*roster additions

Dang! Everyone's time permitting, we'll be talking to some of these folks prior to Western Regionals.


Josh Bomb said...

awesome!! lookin good Wheels! good luck at regionals!

George said...

Thank you so much, Coroner! I was just asking Kanna last night if she knew where to get a copy of the most current roster. How timely of you, sir!

Mercgirl said...

Thats a fine looking line up! Hot damn!