Friday, September 4, 2009

New Captains, 2009 Retirees

Congratulations to new captains Mick U Cry and Mobi-wan-kanobi. We look forward to 2010 with you at the helm.

And thanks and praise to Ringer and Slay for their leadership these past two years. An amazing tenure.

We also salute these 2009 retirees, and thank them for their great service, amazing skating, and terrific play:

Rhoda Killer
Slaybia Majora
Sump Pump

Heathers por vida!


George said...

Congratulations Mick and Mo! I love you guys!

It is so sad to see that list of retirees. Those are seven of “the greats”, and they’ll be missed for sure.

Heathers por vida, girls, Heathers por vida!

Ringer said...

Thank you so much for the kind words! And I am very excited about the new captains and also sad to see the long list of amazing retired skaters. Add to that list NoNamey, she has also retired and will be missed.

The Coroner said...

Thanks, Ringer. I've updated the post to include NoNamey.

Miss Conduct PDX said...

And me.

JeLLyPiG said...

Okay enough already with the retiring! (I wish it was that easy...) To everyone listed and not, there is this Derby Weirdo Dude in the Rose City that not only appreciates what you did, but will miss you...ALL. Okay two if you count George.

Mick and MoBs, congrats are indeed in order. You two have big skates to fill and I can say from I have been seeing, y'all are up to the task.


Ringer said...

So sorry, yes sadly WMC has also retired along with nurse Ratched (and noz as well). We've will miss our revered and amazing players and support team... They have helped make us stronger.

It was a long time coming, the heathers have not had any serious turnover in the past 3-4 years. We are still a strong team and have many new & exciting players coming up for you all to fall in love with! It will be a fantastic season!

George said...

Noz retired?!? He's too young to retire! He's got at least a couple of more good years left in him.

Mercgirl said...

Hell yeah to Mick and Mo! You will be great captains. Boy I will miss the hell out of out retirees thou. They have all done so much to make the Heather such a big part of my life....