Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WOJ Roller Disco Party tonight at Oaks

With good ol' King Lumpy and Sir Round. Help the Rose City All Stars scuffle up a few bucks. Tell Dancing Scott I said hi.


George said...

It was great! I had a blast! It was the first time that I had skates on in 25 years! Fun, fun, fun. I think that this should be a regular event. My only regret is that I didn’t get there until after 8:00 PM. Next time it should be longer than two hours!

DancingScott said...

Hey Coroner, Hi Backatcha

Damn, was that FUN! I was rubber-legged at the end from trying to show-off for the girls without crashing-and-burning. I came closest to falling when roller girls that are accustomed to personal contact (such as hugging) while skating would try it with me. I almost got taken out by Goodie, not with a hip check but with a hug.

I agree with George: Let's have more WoJ disco skate benefits!!!

I hope the ladies raised a lot of FUNDS in addition to the FUN

George said...

Unconfirmed derby word on the street – rumor has it that WOJ picked up Mick U Cry, Mobi-wan-kanobi, MaRollin’ Monroe, and Hurricane Skatrina! Welcome to WOJ!

On an unrelated note, who is going to Eugene for the bout against Slaughter County this weekend? ROAD TRIP! I can’t wait!!!