Monday, April 13, 2009

Heartless Heathers v. Guns 'n' Rollers open thread

From days of yore, obv.

Once again, as with prior bouts this year, I think the Heartless Heathers' hangar battle this Saturday, April 18, will be very hard-fought: a victory for the Heathers is by no means assured. I type these words not a a disloyal fan, but as a realist, and as a Wittgensteinian believer in nothing as much as uncertainty.

The strength of G'n'R is undeniable, given their great cast of national caliber veterans, their experiential depth, and their recent upset of the High Rollers.

I suspect the Heathers will prevail, as they will again in this year's RCR semi-finals and finals, not so much because they as a team are also jam-packed with national-level talent, and not so much because they have worked to claim the deepest bench in their league (as well as one of the deepest benches in the Pacific Northwest), but because they are undeniably the smartest team in the Rose City Rollers. And smart may come up short in some instances, but mostly smart learns, smart adapts, and smart prevails.

See you in the comments, see you at Oaks, and Heathers Por Vida!


kanna said...

Oh dear, a reference to ol' Wittgenstein. . .I remember a line from a college book "present post Wittgenstein era" and i was WTF??

Okay, i am digressing

I won't be here for the Heather's bout. I KNOW!!!!!!
Please cheer loudly for me and I will be in touch with George throughout the bout.


George said...

Here’s another Wittgenstein quote: "A picture is a fact." I loved Vominatrix’s sign. It was hilarious!

Yes, I’ll be sending Kanna the highlights via picture texts and score updates as she tours the east coast with the Dead. We’re gonna miss you, Kanna! I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that this will be the first bout that she has had to miss since early 2006.

I’m feeling confident about the bout this Saturday. As long as Blood Clottia doesn’t have another amazing high-scoring night, then I’m not worried. Derby word on the street is that she is currently ill. So let us all hope and pray that she doesn’t get any better by Saturday. Please send all of your negative thoughts her way. Curse you Blood Clottia!

the_mad_nader said...

Yet another Wittgenstien quote: "What we cannot speak about, we must pass over in silence."At this point in time, so close to the Heathers bout, I am unable to speak about any supposed "strengths" of the Guns 'n Rollers, therefore I must pass over them in silence.

I agree with the Coroner's assessment that this will be a hard-fought and tough win for the Heathers...nevertheless a win it will be!


DancingScott said...

I actually went to grade school with Wittgenstein, and we often had lengthy philosophical discussions about the nature of perception, in between spitball fights. He once said to me, "He who shall, so shall he who." I thought that was really profound for 3rd grade.

Miss Conduct PDX said...

No one is talking about the truly important point here: There will be NO KANNA on the jammer line. Seriously, guys. This ain't OK.

Love, WMC

The Coroner said...

I think George needs to bring a cardboard cut-out of Kanna for the jam line.

Scratcher said...

So close,... and so excited. Gunts and Rollers are going down!!

I will miss your yelling on line Kanna. It always makes me feels sooo good.

Mercgirl said...

So sad, no Kanna. George you can sit by me and Hanner and Tyger Bomb. We will yell most loudly as usual.
Hard fought maybe, but I have confidence in my Heathers. I don't share my name with just anyone.

Anonymous said...

my jersey stinks, i was gonna wash it but maybe i wont, let GnR take in that aroma, it can be the signature smell of defeat

D-Day said...

that was me, im not afraid

George said...

Fear not. I will be doing my best to make up for Kanna’s absence by yelling my skinny little ass off. The cardboard cutout isn’t a bad idea, Coroner. I’m taking the bus/walking to the bout, so that would make the journey there all that more interesting! Just the mental image of me walking down the road carrying a life-sized cardboard cutout of Kanna makes it worth doing! If somebody witnesses that scene, don’t stop and pick me up. Just take a picture please! HILARIOUS!!!

Glad to hear that you’ll be attending, Mercgirl! I have a souvenir from the Oly bout that I need to remember to get to you.

Mercgirl said...

I am even more excited than usual to see you tomorrow George!

kanna said...

Sitting in Allentown, PA feeling the LOVE!!! I will be sitting on the jammer line in spirit. . .believe me!

I am excited to see what kind of kannastein my hubby George is concocting in his laboratory.

Everyone have a great time tomorrow cheering on our beloved Heathers! And you Heathers please kick some stinky butt rocker ass!!!

Anonymous said...

I promise to damage for you Kanna!!!


Anonymous said...

I ment do damage for you clearly I am so excited I can't even type. haha

Anonymous said...

Big winners. Go Heathers!