Monday, April 27, 2009

WFTDA Rankings: Rose City moves past Rat City: #4 in the West

New WFTDA Rankings. The top 10 in the Western Region:

1 Bay Area Derby Girls
2 Oly Rollers
3 Denver Roller Dolls
4 Rose City Rollers
5 Rat City Rollergirls
6 Duke City Derby
7 Pikes Peak Derby Dames
8 Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
9 Tucson Roller Derby
10 Angel City Derby Girls


George said...

Excellent news, Coroner! I've been waiting to find out if we'll be ranked high enough to make it to Regionals this year, and we obviously are! So now I can get my tickets!!! Look out Denver! Does anybody know what the format will be for Regionals this year? Top 8 teams from each region? Top 10 teams? Top 12 teams? I've heard lots of conflicting rumors, but no facts.

izabell said...

I believe there are 4 regions - top 2 teams from each region go to nationals. I may be wrong but that's what I recall.

The Coroner said...

Hurt Reynolds seems that 10 teams compete at each regional tournament, and he doesn't seem to know how many advance to nationals. My guess would be with what Ringer said.

Sir Osis said...

top three teams from each region advance to nationals.

The Coroner said...

Thanks, Sir Osis.