Sunday, March 1, 2009

G'n'R 118, HRMF 105 open thread

Dang. Blood Clottia and penalties are em-effers (I think Blood Clottia is an em-effer in a good way, unless you're skating against her).

Anybody else want to type about the bout?

UPDATE: Elwood's recap is up.

'NOTHER UPDATE: Cuban Refugee has some good photos here.


Richard said...

Some advice for a few people in the crowd last night:

"Don't leave a derby bout until it's OOOOOVER!"

(I'd laugh maniacally here, but my voice is completely shot. :)

The Coroner said...

Good advice, Richard. If you think it's over at the half, go buy yourself another Fat Tire and watch the rest of the drama unfold.

Highest praise to the Rosebud cupcakes, by the way. Supremely tasty.

JamieM said...

My 10 minute nap, turned into 3 hours. I missed the bout. DOH!!!!

Mercgirl said...

I am just happy there was a bout for you all to attend. Sounds like it was a battle of Titans.

Slaybia Majora said...

If someone pays $12 for a ticket and leaves at half-time they are either struggling through their agoraphobia issues one half hour at a time or like to throw money away. If you see them leave refer them to me as I have some Ponzi schemes I am trying to get going.

George said...

Slaybia, where are you getting tickets for only $12??? Turn me on to that deal!

the_mad_nader said...

George - $12 is the official "I bought it from a Derby girl" price for the Hangar bouts; compared to $14 for the Expo bout at the same rate

Buying online adds in fees (though they're lower for Hangar bouts because they use Brown Paper Tickets), and obviously buying at the door the price goes up.

But don't worry, I think your Season Pass is still a discount - plus you don't have to worry about Hangar bouts selling out (a very real concern for non-Season Ticket holders).