Sunday, March 15, 2009

WOJ v. Oly open thread

At last a chance to again see some Heathers in action, this time on the Wheels of Justice as the Portland all-stars battle the Cosa Nostra Donnas at Skateland in Olympia, Saturday March 21 at 6 p.m. Afterparty at the Brotherhood Lounge (119 Capitol Way N).

Questions for consideration:

Who's in and who's out of the WOJ line-up? One assumes that Fire Crotch's hurty knee still has that esteemed skater out of commission, and that Itzo EZ is benched for a while as well. Other than that, do the WOJ have a full force to get busy one time? Can I hope to see Scratcher, Sol Train, Sump Pump, TeqKillYa and Viagrrra Falls in action?

Heathercentricity aside for a moment (actually for a couple of weeks), will WOJ have the benefits of Axl, Clottia, Bumpsalot, BustHer, Cadillac, Rhea, DKon, GMT, Layla, Leet, Licker, and Wrench?

What's this one hears about the Oly fans? Do they shout out rude names? Can they be any worse than Cadavers?

Can CND match their much-hyped rep?

Who's going up there to watch, who wants to pre-funk and where, and who is going to the post-funk?

See you in the comments.


The Coroner said...

Some Oly bars for prefunction consideration:

That Fishbowl place looks all right to me, but others may have other tastes and more insight.

Skateland seems to be about 2 miles out of downtown.

George said...

I'll be there, that's for sure! I can't wait! Bought my ticket weeks ago and have been anticipating it ever since. And yes, Coroner, the Oly fans are loud and rude and many in number (at least they were a year ago, doubt much has changed).

What time is everybody leaving to drive up there? Does anybody need a ride there and/or back? I may have a few spots still open in my car.

JeLLyPiG said...

UGH, I am not making the trek to Oly and am a bit pissy about the whole thing.

I have heard a ton of good stuff about Oly from friends that attended the Battle for the Coast series.

This bout with WoJ is one of three bouts Oly will have over the next three month that will either; propel Oly into ranked, tourney eligible status or not. So they have something to prove and need to set the tone. And I too hear there homers are brutal...

Of course WoJ still needs to prove they can win consistently on the road...sorry, "Derby World" fact.

Jeepers, if only there was a way to get a glance at a WoJ scrimmage before this bout, The Coroner's questions about the line up would all be answered...IF ONLY.

The Coroner said...

Gee, JeLLyPiG, if I didn't know better I would swear that you and I were on the same Rocketmean email list.

I'm having fancy dinner with friends on scrimmage night, otherwise I'd go have a look myself and ask rollergirls even more dumbassed questions than usual.

George said...

I plan on trying to make it to that scrimmage night this Wednesday, but I’ll probably be like a half an hour late (my kickboxing class doesn’t get out until 7:15). I can check out that roster for you, Coroner. I have lots of questions for roller derby girls too. Such as – "When are you going to drop that restraining order against me?" and "Why won’t you answer my phone calls?" These are pertinent questions that need definitive answers.

DancingScott said...

I'm attending the Wednesday scrimmage, so forward me all your dumbass questions and I can ask them all at once.

I'm going to Olympia, not sure if I'm driving home that night or finding a cheap motel or sleeping in the back of my truck or spending the night in jail.

I like the pre-funk idea! Although I don't know Olympia at all, so can't make any recommendations. I'll go where everyone else goes.

kanna said...

I can say for sure Teqkillya and Busther are NOT on the roster. They left the team earlier this year. However, Skatrina is back!!! Hooray Skatrina is back!!!!

I do not know if they are picking up any extra AoA gals to help fill the roster or not

The Coroner said...

Re: Prefunction, Connie Pinko and Sir Osis of Olympia sent this note along, when asked about a decent place to pre-funk:

"the Brotherood- 119 Capitol Way. The afterparty will be there as well, so you might want to try the Royal which is 311 N Capitol way. Both are pretty near the rink. Or, you could do what half of the crowd seems to do and pre-funk in the parking lot. Unfortunately we don't have a beer garden, so I might suggest a flask if you're so inclined. See you there!"

So, who's up for meeting at the Royal at 311 N. Capitol Way, say around 4 or 4:30, and then heading out to Skateland at maybe 5:30 (2 mile drive, so too much prefunking is probably not a good idea if you're driving).

As for what y'all can gather from the scrimmage on Wednesday, I'd just like to know who the hell is skating and how they look. I know that derby teams don't like to be too free with information on their lineups and strategies, but never mind those bollocks. Bring back the goods!

DancingScott said...

Thanks, Coroner, for the intoxicating research.

The Royal sounds fine to me, although hanging out in the parking lot and getting into fights with Oly fans also has a certain appeal.

I like the idea of meeting at 4:00 in order to head over a little after 5:00, get a good seat for the 6:00 bout.

George said...

I'm at the scrimmage right now. I'm posting this from my Blackberry. This is who I see skating.

Axl Blows
Blood Clottia (skated, but was sick)
D. Konstructor
Layla Smackdown
Licker 'n Split
Madame Bumpsalot (not skating)
Rhea DeRange
Scratcher in the Eye
Sol Train (my favorite)
Viagrrra Falls (not skating, but here)
Wrench (hurt her ankle)

Edie Disorder
Heidi Go Seek
Mobi Wan
Marollin' Monroe
Merciful Kate
Ruby Bruiseday
Scrappy Go Lucky
Shove Me Tender
Smack Ya Sideways
Wreck Deckard

The Coroner said...

Thanks, George! Sounds like a very fun scrimmage to watch.

George said...

Also, WOJ has new uniforms. They're purple. I don't like them. Purple??? Those aren't our colors. WTF???

click here to see new uniform

Does this mean that they're gonna change the color of all of the merch and we have to buy all new t-shirts and sweatshirts now?!?

Mercgirl said...

I am really sad the I did not make the scrimmage and I won't be making it to Oly either. This is a bad month for me and derby. I can't even go to the bout on the 28th. Ultimate suckage. I am counting on complete coverage of the Oly bouts and some good heckling from you all!

George said...

Oh Mercgirl, that is a sad story. I'll bring you back a t-shirt from Olympia. What size would you like?

Okay, I'm gonna try to make it there in time to stop into the Royal before the bout. Hope to see you all there. I'll have a car load (me, Kanna, Edie Disorder, Titania, and Mr. DeRange)!

The Coroner said...

We're going to be at the Royal at 4, and taking off per Scott's suggestions for Skateland at 5.