Wednesday, February 25, 2009

High Rollers v. Guns 'n' Rollers open thread

photo by Zeb Andrews.

I haven't heard much about what has been going on in the practice barn with these two teams, but I'll assume that the High Rollers have kept pushing in their team-building efforts, and that the Guns 'n' Rollers haven't let up since January 24 either. G'n'R didn't exactly shine in the season opener, but their roster is still strong and they have a coach who should know what he's doing.

I favor the High Rollers in this one, and I'll be parking my ass down in front of the Players' Club, but as with Heathers v. Betties, I don't expect this one to be a rout.

I beg you to differ in the comments section.


Layla Smackdown said...

No pressure or anything. JEESH.

And Swag, you're more than welcome in the Player's Club any day.

DancingScott said...

All I can say is, I'm absolutely sure I'll be screaming my lungs out the entire time and won't be able to talk by EOB (End of Bout). And I hope the afterparty won't be a dud, as the last one was rumored to be.

George said...

The Guns ‘n Rollers have a coach?!? I thought that they just made things up as they went along. Geez, I learn something new everyday.

Yes Scott, I too will be screaming my lungs out! Go High Rollers!

The last after party??? It wasn’t that bad, I guess. At least it cured me of my insomnia! It was like watching a documentary about dirt, only not as exciting.

D-Day said...

HRMF! Keep it together and you ladies are unstoppable, the rest of the league sees what the High Rollers can do, they are an incredibly talented bunch of skaters. I smell a 2009 campionship!

Ringer said...

What's this Dday when you speak of 2009 championship? I think you meant "I see a HH vs HR 2009 Championship match up," right?! That would be fun! We've played both GnR & BBs in championship matches but never the High Rollers.

Should be a great game! I wasn't going to be in town but am now so I absolutely can't wait to be a spectator.

Scratcher said...

I can't be there cause its sold out but I'll be cheering in my heart. HRMF!!!! kick some ass ladies.

d-day said...

Ah snap, yes, i meant HH/HR champ bout! Im in the same boat as Scratch so my good thoughts will be with all of you

kanna said...

Cadavers will be en masse at the Hanger to cheer on the HRMF!!

Good luck beautiful ladies in green!!!!

The Coroner said...

Harm is gonna sucker-punch us all in the back of the head for this. But I just can't help my High Roller love.

the_mad_nader said...

While there is only ONE team I will never root against (can you guess which one), I always root for the High Rollers - unless they're facing my Heathers, in which case my positronic brain starts smoking as these two laws come into conflict, and I just cheer for everyone.

Seriously, good luck High Rollers! I'm looking for DancingScott to lead the Cadavers in some serious HRMF chants!

Noz said...

Watch those ears GnR, Cadavers in da house!