Sunday, March 29, 2009

The sheer wow of it all

Just watch these mad copy 'n' paste skillz:

GAME 2 WFTDA Sanctioned P1 FINAL

Wheels of Justice - Portland's Allstars 68 148
Rat City All Stars - Seattles Allstars 56 134


Axles of Annihilation - Portland's B Allstars 83 150
Rain of Terrors - Seattles B Allstar team 43 88


George said...

So I stepped into a bathroom stall at the Expo Center to pour some bourbon from my flask in to my slushie, and this is what I saw that somebody left behind. It has JeLLyPiG’s name written all over it! Notice in the picture that there is still a swig of liquor left in the bottle. Yes, I drank down that last swig! It wasn’t the first time that I drank mystery liquor found in a bathroom stall, and sadly it probably won’t be the last.

JeLLyPiG said...

Clearly, I have plausible deniability in this case...

The important part is, this falls well within the rules Rocket Mean has outlined for me, on sticker placement.

I think that last half swig was a sacrifice to the Derby Godz.

George said...

In that case, sorry to desecrate the alter by consuming the sacrifice. I hope that the Derby Godz don’t strike me down for stealing the offering! Here’s a photo of Ringer, and one of Mick, and one of Blood Clottia taken from the jammer line.

kanna said...

just how many fifths did us cadaver's go through last night?

Ringer said...

Loved having you all on that jammer line cheering for us (and yes we can hear you for sure)! I had a really great time Saturday once i eventually shook off the nerves from being out for so long, thanks for all your support!