Thursday, March 25, 2010

Potpourri for 1000

Skirmish: Heathers scrimmage v. tough ol' Rainy City. Unlimited roster. Friday night at the Hangar. Doors at 7. Roll at 8. $5 at the door. They're sellin' beer. Effin' A.

Bout: Betties v. Guns, Saturday night at the Hangar, door at 5, bout at 6. Trying to get a read on whether we'll see the return of Rhea and Marollin' this bout. Will report back.

Anyway, that stuff's sold out, so if you can't get in, watch it on the live stream or down at Kay's Bar or Buffalo Gap. Nice joints, both of 'em.

Fashion: Still diggin' on the tasty new Heathers uniforms. Word on the street is that Monacle Debacle had something to do with their design.

photo by Sharkey

Renegade: Twat Rocket has been getting in on some Bend renegade action. Skatie Kat was kind enough to link this vid in another venue:

UPDATE: Hoisted from the comments: Skatie Kat said...Both Twat Rocket and the newest HH, Blast Unicorn are featured in the video. Blast gets 2 grand slams! woot!


Skatie Kat said...

Both Twat Rocket and the newest HH, Blast Unicorn are featured in the video. Blast gets 2 grand slams! woot!

DancingScott said...

Hey, what's going on with Monacle? How's she doing? HH fans wanna know!

The Coroner said...

We'll pepper her with some questions soon, Scott!

George said...

Wow! My favorite intraleague team [the Heathers] vs. my favorite non-RCR league [Rainy City]. Who in the hell am I going to root for??? I mean, I'm a huge Rainy City fan, but come on, this is the Heathers! What to do, what to do??? I'm so confused.

Yes Coroner, I also dig the new uniforms. I want one for my collection! I look good in blue.

As for the Saturday night bout, I have no idea. I've never even heard of those two teams before, so I have no idea what to expect. I think that it's men's derby, right? I remember hearing that one team has this guy named Blood Clottia, and the other has this guy name Chestnutz, and that they are pretty good, but you can't trust rumors that you hear on the street. At least they sell sparkling wine at the hangar now, so I can be a classy drunk while I watch these two previously unheard of teams. That's part of the fun of watching bouts between teams that nobody has ever heard about – you can just enjoy the bout and not get emotionally involved, because it really doesn't matter who wins. It’s just like watching junior derby.

JeLLyPiG said...

George...please become a Top Line Post contributor to this Blog. It would be a hilarious addition. We can call it "Sh!t that only George can get away with saying".

mjbzdak said...

Monacle here. I'm gettin' there! Should get the go ahead for unrestricted movement in a week and a half. Back soon to cheer on my Heathers! Watch out, Rose City! xoxo

DancingScott said...

Yay Monacle!
Good to hear from you, glad to hear the healing is happening. Maybe see you at the hanger on April 10!!!