Saturday, March 13, 2010

High Rollers 113, Heartless Heathers 112

Hard-fought, fun-to-watch bout.

Congratulations to the High Rollers and, as always, thanks to the Heartless Heathers.

Seemed like a tactical error in the heat of battle at the end, there, for the Heathers to call the jam when they could have run out the clock for victory.

But that's the fog of war for you.


George said...

Does anybody know why Sol Train was wearing number 6 during this bout? She didn't change her number did she? That would suck, because then I'd have to get my tattoo changed!

Mike said...

We were informed that when the new jerseys were printed up, they accidently put the 9 upside-down on Sol's uniform. It sounded like she plans on sticking with the number 9 though.

To be certain, you might want to wait for an answer more official than mine.

Mike Chexx

The Coroner said...

from Twitter:

Beth_Pettit @RCRHeathers I call shenanigans unless we get a picture of this awesome tattoo

JeLLyPiG said...

George, mine would say 6 too if I could actually DO a hand stand.